ummm… running is hard

I’ve been silent on this here site for the last week.  There were a number of reasons and now I’m ready to jump back into the writing deal.  I do enjoy it so.

Last week, I ran on Monday.  I really believed it would be a good run.  It wasn’t.  It dampened my spirits a bit as I had high hopes.  Then I took a minor hiatus until Saturday where I walk/ran (mostly walked) 7.5 miles.  It was hot.  It was hard.  The walk/run combo was for the first mile and after that I just decided to put in the mileage in the form of walking.  This was because the running part so completely sucked that I couldn’t stand it.  Yep, the whole 4 day off deal didn’t help, nor did the hanging out on my buns prior to getting outside but still, I thought it would be easier.The walk was challenging as I made sure to hit some really steep hills to make up for the lack of running.  Sunday, I was fairly certain, was going to be easier.  After all, I got the “first day back” lazy legs out of the way so I was set.  Hmm – not so much.  At this point, I admitted to myself that running is just hard.

I’ve spent some time romanticizing my past running abilities.  In my brain, I envision a gazelle-like state; regularly running around without a care in the world because it was easy.  Clearly, my imagination is vivid and totally inaccurate!  When I turn off the filter, I can remember how hard those runs were – it just doesn’t feel like it now when I have to walk up yet another hill.  I also find there are times when I’m bored but I think this is related to the constant thought in my brain, “this is hard, this is hard, this is hard”.

Anyway, Sunday was a 5 miler and again not pretty.  But since the above conversation was going on in my head, I started saying, “tomorrow will be easier”.  Monday, I hit the pavement again.  Not exactly easier.  My legs felt lead-like.  I walk/ran 3.5 miles and I dare say, I ran more than I walked.  Hooray.  Using my keen over-analyzing abilities, I recognize dehydration is playing a role in these disappointing runs.  My handheld pulls on my (sort of still) dislocated thumb so I leave it home thinking I’ve been drinking enough during the day to get me through.  I love denial!

I decided to give the RW Run Streak a shot.  My runs will only get better and legs stronger if I add a heaping helping of consistency into the mix.  I have no idea if I will follow through on it – I’ve tried before.  But it’s an interesting challenge and even if I don’t make it everyday, it will still help.  Tonight I will only run a mile and then do a strength video.  I’m going to get swoll.

challenge monday – not a push up in sight!

I’m never quite sure how weekends go by so quickly… there should be some kind of time-stop continuum that allows for weekend days to pass by slower.  That would be more fair of the universe, at least, in my opinion!

Also, not that my writing typically has any major cliffhangers but I will be writing about my Triple Crown 5k weekend tomorrow!  So stay tuned!

Now for the next challenge monday announcement!  I decided to base this one on a (style of) warm-ups we used in Crossfit.  The warm-ups always left me breathless but were finished quickly so it was a great way to do a quick burn and tone.  Here it is:

20 squats

30 mountain climbers (each leg counts as one so this equals 15 for each leg)

25 sit-ups

do this 3 times with no rest!

Again, I like these “warm ups” because you can feel it!  Do this for 5 out of 7 days if you can!

Sooooo, how did the 1000 push ups go for folks?  This was miserable for me!  I didn’t even come near my goal.  Part of it was sheer laziness but the other part was my poor t-rex arms are currently on the pathetic side!  Perhaps a wee bit ambitious for this first challenge?!  Probably but I think that means it will need to make another appearance somewhere down the line.  I changed the challenge up a bit this week to be something that is fairly attainable but hopefully still is a mini workout.

I don’t now how they get these pictures of me!

Other than that, Happy Monday!  Or more accurately, Happy Short Week!  Yay!  With the Thanksgiving holiday comes the start of the Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak challenge.  Are any of you participating?  I really want to but I am lacking the confidence in myself that I will actually complete it.  Obviously, this is why it’s called a “challenge” but still in my mind it seems like it should be so easy.  Why is this not easy???  Thoughts?  Are you going to do it?

wanna go streaking with me??

sunday randomness

Happy Sunday!  I have some very cool news to share with you tomorrow but right now I have a random post.  I actually like taking one or two days away from posting during the week since it gives my creative juices a chance to replenish.  Even though I haven’t put my fingers to the keys there are ALWAYS posts running through my head.  Here are a glimpse of some upcoming posts:

“WALK” is not a 4 letter word

The Monster Summer To-Do List


Throwing caution to the wind

Runner’s World Summer Running Streak!

And a few about some introspections (probably not a word but I like it!) that I have been mulling over in my head over the last couple of weeks.  I know – super exciting!

But today I have some other things…

You know you’re a runner when:

You use the “oh sh*t” handle of your car as a drying rack

mobile drying rack!

When you put your toothbrush in with your slightly sweaty tempos and don’t worry if it’s sanitary or not

they weren’t REALLY touching… much

I spent the night at my friend’s place on Friday night and the room I slept in was DARK!  I’m not a huge fan of the dark and I seriously couldn’t see my hand in front of my face.  I took a picture for you

haha, well, I think I am funny! honestly, I took this picture that night though – yep, I am a goob!

Remember said toothbrush from above?  My friend’s dog also really liked it!  But they say dogs’ mouths are cleaner than humans right?!  RIGHT?!

My last picture for you is some torment for me.  This spider is trapped between my window and screen in my living room.  It is very large and wants to eat my face off – I can totally tell.

how did you get in scary spider?! and why can’t you get out the same way??!!

Waaaaaaa!!!  I HATE spiders.  Ooo, and earwigs – gross!  We are going on day three of Spider Watch ’12 and I haven’t quite figured out what to do about this menacing creature.  Part of me would like to try to catch it and release it outside.  Of course this means getting really close to it, which makes my skin crawl.  I don’t really like the thought of it suffering to death in this screen/window limbo either (although I am pretty sure it will be able to eat bugs that can get in through the gaps, so it will probably eat its way through the screen!).  EEEKKKK!  I’ll keep you posted.

inhaled a great book over the last two days, Second Wind by Cami Ostman.  I loved it.  It was for the Running and Reading Long program so while I can’t divulge the details now it has completely set my mind a spinnin’!  I’m excited to share some of this with you in the very near future!

The Runner’s World Summer Running Streak starts tomorrow!  The deal is you run everyday from Memorial day to July 4th.  It simply needs to be one mile a day but it must be a run – walking doesn’t count!  If you are interested you should check out the details and do it too!  I will be writing about it here and tweeting and hopefully we can encourage one another.  I KNOW by week three I will be a bit tired :)  I’ve done a running streak before and lasted 20 days so I know I can do it.  I’m also looking forward to the challenge and integrating my 1/2 and full marathon training plans into it.

Finally, there are some big changes for me on the horizon.  I am nervous about them, feel a bit overwhelmed and anxious for some aspects of my life to be settled as opposed to being up in the air.  I’ve been fixated on what the future is going to hold for me and today I internalized that I need to embrace the uncertainty as something I can’t change and live in the moment.  While this doesn’t completely ease my angsty self, it does give me something else to focus on – the present.  So enjoy your Sunday everyone!  I’m off to a BBQ!