tiny house anyone?

I thought I would be able to re-enter the blog world and regular life last weekend… but that turned out not to be the case.  I thought maybe some time this past week – nope.  Finally, today I took the day off and this is how I feel

I may look a bit rough around the edges but see? There is hope on the horizon!

Jumping back into regular life isn’t easy.  Every September I go through it and I forget how much I crave a routine.  Whether it’s a regular running schedule, a clean apartment, actual clean clothes (and not just febreezed) and a normal amount of caffeine consumption (as opposed to the gallons I’ve been drinking), it all sounds fantastic!  And today is the first day I can make it all start.

During all of this chaotic time, I’ve become fascinated with the tiny house movement.  If you aren’t familiar, many a folk are choosing to downsize into very small abodes.  I’m talking 250 sq feet – heck, one person lives in 95 sq foot house!  Crazy!  This small is not something I would choose but there is something about this that appeals to me.  There is a great documentary on the as well.

I also like the idea of a yurt

For those of you who’ve been around here for a while, you may remember me griping about how small my current apartment is.  480 sq feet.  So how does this align with my current interest in tiny houses?  I like the idea of there being a place for everything.  Tiny houses by design and necessity have to be organized or they wouldn’t be livable.  I love the ingenious behind them – especially the romantic-esque lofts.  And yes, overall idea of it all.

see how cool and functional this is?

I’m starting to realize I could get my current digs a bit more likeable and functional.  I get extremely frustrated with the lack of organization here (my fault with all of my stuff) but also the lack of a place to put some of it.  There is a severe lack of shelving and closets here.  I recognize I can/need to dehoard but there is still a simple need for SOME shelving.  And counter space.  And perhaps some cupboards?

I would like a slightly bigger living space when I move next.  I’ve done enough pinterest-ing to also get some ideas about how to live large in a small space with creative decorating and organizing.  I also have a co-worker who loves to organize and would like to be professional organizer in the future.  She is going to help me!  And take before and after shots for her portfolio – I love it.  I get a free service and maybe I can help further her career.  I’ll post the pre and post pics here when it’s all done!

Maybe you can help?  Any tips for organizing small spaces? 


floods, traveling and tuna

River Bank 25k – 72 days

Ragnar Relay – 99 days (we get to pick our legs of the relay soon!!!  crazy!)

The last 24 hours have been a bit annoying… Yesterday, the person who lives above me left their faucet on despite the fact their sink was already clogged.  Yes, my mind was/is boggled as well.  Needless to say, his room was completely flooded.  I was gone for most of the day so when I got back a big chunk of my bedroom was flooded as well.  Most of the water flooded under my dresser and I am fairly certain the carpet is ruined.  In order for some work to be done, I had to take all of my clothes out of my dresser.  They are now sitting in my living room

what a disaster

In order not to go completely crazy, I have decided to use this as a good start to my spring break projects.  Next week is spring break and I am taking the whole week off from work.  I am currently making a list of things I would like to accomplish (will be posted on Friday) and #1 is to give away/sell some of my clothes!  Clearly, I have too many and this isn’t even all of them.  I don’t wear all of these and I really want to work through holding onto things  I.DON’T.NEED.

On a positive note, my friend made me this hat!

isn't it awesome?!

It was only $12!  I love it!  I so wish I could learn how to do this but considering my last run-in with trying to learn to knit, I haven’t quite figured out if I am capable or not.  For the last several months I have really wanted to learn how to sew and knit.  Not sure where the urge to learn these arts are coming from but I am determined at some point to learn.

I am also getting ready to leave for a business trip.  Here’s the thing… I HATE packing!  I don’t know why – it’s really not that hard of a thing to do but I put it off until the last possible second, every time!  I leave tomorrow morning at 7 am for the wonderful land of Wisconsin (to the land of porn and cheese is what I call it).  Remember?  This is how I pack

this is from Christmas - it's not going to look much different this time around

Oh and I have a new obsession… for some reason I cannot eat enough tuna fish lately!  I literally have been inhaling the stuff.  My favorite has been putting the tuna over a big salad with light raspberry vinaigrette and LOTS of sweet pickles.  Seriously, the sweet pickles really puts this over the top!  I was going to take a picture of it tonight but I got too hungry and failed.  Here is my favorite tuna though

very yummy

Since we will be eating out for every meal over the next four days, my goal is to eat as healthy as possible.  I am also bringing my laptop and an exercise video to do in the evenings.  The hotel we are staying at doesn’t have a fitness room so no running until Monday.  In the past when I have gone on these trips I usually felt like I waddled home bloated and filled to the gills.  I want to avoid feeling this way afterward at all costs!  I know it’s going to be hard (french fries and burgers are so dreamy!) so I want to be really mindful of what I am ordering.

That’s all I have for you tonight.  I really should pack…