marathon slump

Writer’s block… it’s a real thing.  The last few days I haven’t really known what to write.  My brain is full.  Or I’ve used it all up – it really could be either one.  Or I am driving myself mad overanalyzing everything in my life and have completely lost focus.  More than likely it’s this last one but saying I’ve used all of my brain power up makes me sound like a really smart scientist.  Or something.  Whatever.

I’ve had some mixed workouts these last few days.  Saturday, I had a 10k, the Peacock Strut.  This was my very first 10k back in the day and is probably my favorite.  It has a homegrown feel, I like the course and everyone always seems super happy to run.  You start in a neighborhood and then hit the Celery Flats, which is a nice path to run here in Kzoo.  To understand how small it is, know this was the first year they had a starting timing mat – usually someone just yells, “GOOOOOO!”.

I love my peacock strut shirts!

I did it in 1:02ish (maybe 1:03) but the course was long so not entirely sure.  I did feel good about my 10:00 pace per mile though and know I started out at the beginning somewhere in the 8:50 range.  Oh yes, I need to slow my roll!  What was I thinking?!  I quickly felt this in the second mile when suddenly I was running at a 10:45 pace.  I pep-talked my way back down and pushed it for all 6.2.  The cool thing is I’ve done this race for the last 5 years so I was able to see my times.  Last year, I did a 1:04 (I had no idea I was in better shape this year – yay!) but two (or three) years ago I did it in 56 mins!!  What the hay?!  I seriously did not know this was my best time for a 10k!  I always thought my best was a 58, which was the year before the 56.  I am super impressed with my little self and am determined to get back under one hour.  I know I am making speed progress with all of the speed workouts we do outside of crossfit workouts.  I’ve also gotten better with the mental aspect – I remind myself if I can do 100 push ups then I can keep the running pace up.  I’m amazed at how much my mental game plays a GIANT role in my performance.  Damn mental instability!

I’m also playing around a bit with fuel and hydration.  I want to make sure I’m all set before I hit the San Fran streets.  The other day I choked down some Espresso Love.  I haven’t eaten GU in what seemed like forever and whoa – it was tough.  I’m not sure why it was so difficult!  This is usually my go to fuel source for races so I need to figure something out.

I did get the kick I needed though! I usually take half in the beginning of the race and then the other half as I am running… probably mental… oh yeah, we discussed that

So while I was pleased with my performance on Saturday, I have definitely hit a slump in marathon training.  I’m tired.  I feel kind of defeated.  I’m really questioning my training.  I’m questioning my ability.  I’m questioning my fitness.  I’m guessing this isn’t uncommon but it’s putting a damper on my marathon spirit.  Any suggestions on how to bring it back up?  This week I have an 8 mile TT (time trial) as well as a 10 mile TT and I am hoping these reawaken my “you love to run, legs!”  See where the mental game comes into play for me?  I took yesterday as a rest day but that seems to have made feel worse.  Sorry for the whining but I’ve been feeling this for the last couple of days and haven’t figured out how to snap out of it.  NEED SUGGESTIONS!

Tonight I talked with my partner in crime for the NWM 26.2.  She gave me some great advice, “You can only do your best (with the marathon) and it’s your first.  The experience is a form of training.”  It was the perfect thing to say!  It’s true.  I want to finish.  I know I can finish.  I can’t let the slump shake my confidence and beginning tomorrow I’m going to reinvigorate my training, spirit and attitude.

Oh and this bad boy?

I swear, it has some kind of disease.  During the race the my treacherous ipod decided to pause whenever it wanted to AGAIN!  I took it off after 15 minutes of trying to hit play every other 30 seconds.  I also purchased a shuffle but am hoping I can salvage this ol’ guy since it’s only been around for a year and half.