dopey strategery

SNOW DAY!  Yes, I am going to concentrate on this first.  I’m currently hanging out on my couch, watching “Deadly Women” (Investigative Discovery show) and drinking coffee.  I even have a foot warmer in the form of this chubby bunny.

cubby bunnyOne more picture – this is an insight into one of my quirks… I am continuously convinced I can balance anything on anything.  In answer to your question, yes, I do spill a lot.

this really is why I can't have nice things
this really is why I can’t have nice things

As I mentioned, my game plan for Dopey is in the works.  Now I shall share it with you!

1.  I’m not going to wear my garmin – for any of the races.  This was a huge decision for me.  I want and need to run these races by feel.  I don’t want to get caught up in numbers or disappointment with not running a certain pace.  My biggest concern with this is getting swept for not going fast enough to beat the finish line requirements.  But the pros outweigh the cons in this situation.  And I may need to carry my cell phone so I can still check the time.

2.  Walking off and on – when Disney first provided participants with Jeff Galloway’s training plan for Dopey it involved the walk/run method.  I didn’t want to use it because as I mentioned I had (farfetched) hopes of not having to walk at all.  Now, I realize running the first two races and walking segments of both the 1/2 and the full will make this much more enjoyable.  Especially since I’ve come to this decision/realization now.

hmmm… I wonder if Mr. T is available on saturday and sunday…

3.  Laid back pace – I trained at a slower pace.  At first I tried to add in some speed work but decided to focus on distance instead.  I know, I’m pretty smart, eh?

4.  PR dreams have been set aside – yes.  This was ludicrous!

ludicrous speed no

5.  Ice bath – I plan on taking an ice bath after each race.  There will be a delay between crossing the finish line and getting back to my hotel so hopefully it won’t be too late for an ice bath to help with recovery.  I think it will be better than nothing though.

6.  Compression/stretching – Part of my running costumes are compression socks and I will wear them after the race as well.  I’m lousy at stretching but I will make this a prime focus.

7.  HAVE FUN!  I mentioned this yesterday but it’s a major focus for me.  This will be what keeps me going during the third and fourth races of the weekend.  It’s going to get me out of bed at 2:15 am.  It’s going to inspire me to live in the moment rather than dreading the next and longer race.  I’m excited.

wwe wrestler edge totally gets it

I am concerned about the heat and humidity.  I got it in my mind that last year heat/humidity was an anomaly and that it wasn’t normally humid in Jan.  In Florida.  I’ve started hydrating and will certainly be drinking gallons of water the rest of the week/weekend.  Last year, I took a water pill (WHAAAT was I thinking?) the Friday before the race in order to feel less bloated.  A bit of heat stroke was inevitable.

haha, this is kinda gross – I’m not even sure I had this much water in me last year

I will be escaping sub-zero temps here in MI though soooo I think I will survive!