happy it’s thursday

Whew!  What a week!  I feel like this thought crosses my mind every week.  Last week, I really struggled with the thankful thursday post.  This week it’s been much easier…

1.  My “little” bro’s birthday was this week!!  I love it!  He and I are only about 18 months apart so when he catches up a bit, it cracks me up.  Why?  Because it seems like he got old while I haven’t!  Yes, well, in my mind at least…

yes, this is exactly the look he would give me after this comment

He and my dad are still hanging out together on the other side of the world.  My brother, Kevin is one crazy cat.  He is fiercely ambitious and is an incredibly hard worker.  Kev is a freelance photographer and has been published in the likes of National Geographic, Time and plenty of others.  He is super talented and works tirelessly.

my dad and kevin hangin’ in sunny cali

One of my favorite stories about him, is for his 30th birthday he climbed to the highest base camp of Mount Everest.  I know… I went to the bar for mine!

kevin climbing mt. everest – you know, just at 17,000 feet… completely normal

2.  My speed work – I was pretty pleased with my mini speed work session yesterday.  Why?  My time wasn’t earth shattering or anything but it was quality, CONSISTANT effort!  I typically have this thought in my mind that I need to be careful because I will never be able to sustain whatever pace I am shooting for.  But I proved myself wrong yesterday!  Yay!

3.  Tyranena!!  So excited to travel to the exotic land of Wisconsin to hang out with my lovely Ragnar teammates this weekend.  We are having a slumber party tomorrow night AND Saturday night with some half marathon fun Saturday morning.  Yippee!

4. Ummm… this picture of Kevin

godzilla baby!!!

5.  Just overall grateful… I know this has been a tragic week for many and I feel damn lucky.  It’s so easy to forget to  recognize the positive in our everyday lives when we get bogged down by deadlines, issues, traffic – whatever.  I’m not saying these situations don’t warrant stress because they do!  But the more I remember to be grateful for the good things the better I am able to handle the rough stuff.

Oh and a run always helps!

thankful thursdays are back!

LOADS to tell you! :)

Today marks the return of Thankful Thursday!  Yippee!  I really enjoyed doing the Running and Reading Long program even though I kind of fell off the wagon and have 1/2 written posts about books that need a bit of finessing but are ready to go.  In case you are wondering, this is how I was all through college too.  In case you were NOT wondering… well, now you know.

So, here we go:

1.  Friends I can call upon anytime for anything:  this morning I had a minor panic and I texted my friend at 7 am.  She didn’t waste anytime getting back to me and reassuring me.  7 am – that’s love!  I texted my other friend a couple of weeks ago and told him I was having a bad day.  His response?  A compliment!  And he checked in with me throughout the day to make sure I was hanging in there.  I’m truly blessed in the relationship department!

2.  I got a promotion!  Haha, okay, so this is kind of old news but it dawned on me the other day in my search of routine, I forgot to CELEBRATE!  Not in the “cheers” way, although this is definitely important, but in the, “hey Aim, you kick some booty!” way!  So, a pat on my back, an “atta girl!” and a “I’m so proud of myself!” attitude has descended upon me.

way to go self!

3.  I like tea!  I’ve really wanted to like tea for a long time.  It embodies tranquility and other zen-y qualities that I associate with melting away stress.  I have found one I like, French Vanilla, with a bit of flavored creamer.  It definitely helps to calm me and even fills me up a bit.  With my increasing hunger, this is fantastic.

some tea for meee

4.  A great run!  I got home from work yesterday a little worse for the wear.  Whew!  It was a DAY!  I knew right away I wanted to run rather than do crossfit but melted into my recliner.  A couple of hours later, I was still trying to give myself reasons NOT to run.  Then I just got up.  I decided to give my new Brooke’s Pure Flows a gander.  Oh my!  I LOVE them!  I ran so fast! :)  Seriously, all of my miles were sub-10 min miles and I haven’t been able to keep up this pace for more than a half mile or so in quite some time.  Because I have been using a bigger shoe that offers more stability, it was suggested I only do 1-3 miles in them the first few times.  I wanted 3.  I thought about pushing more but I did feel some extra twinges in the forefront of my foot and decided to listen to my body and walk the 4th mile home.  I also realized I could keep up with this pace, however, my breathing needs some work.  I would catch myself NOT breathing from my belly and as soon as I did I felt much more energized and stronger.

why yes, I am in love with these shoes

5.  My glutes hurt from Crossfit on Tuesday – this means I did my squats correctly :)

I like this list – it’s reflective of a week spent trying to get used to NOT having a routine, getting out from under stress but also simply accepting myself where I am at.  Not to mention, at first, I couldn’t think of anything I was grateful for today – shame, Amy!  That’s why I borrowed this idea in the first place!  I’m also thrilled tomorrow is Friday even if it is a major working weekend… there WILL be some free time in there somewhere!