hodge podge – vol 17(?)

Truly, aside from coffee this makes me epic-ly happy today!

I just love his little body wiggle when he moves his arms – SO CUTE!  I have no idea where my fascination with the t-rex came from however, I will say I’ve been comparing my arms to that of said dinosaur for quite some time.  Like even before this movie came out!  Yes, basically I am saying I started this whole trend.  I feel like all of the trexes up in dinosaur heaven are happy about this.

Monday training started and I’ve made Mondays my rest days.  Here is the thing – I’m a huge baby.  Mondays kick my buns from here to Jaboody.  They always seem to sweep me away and all my denial from the weekend surfaces.  Ewww.  By the end of the day I am crawling through the door.  Simon greets me, demands food, I change my clothes and this is essentially all I can muster.  Even though it means switching the plan all around I know it’s worth it.  Otherwise I would miss a good portion of these work outs – I know it

true dat

I had this post all finished but once I read over the second part it seemed really whiny.  I want to be done with whiny for a bit so I’m going to write about something else… basically, this is going to be a hodge-podge of business!

The unexpected has happened – I am completely over my egg mcmuffin love.  Today I had my last one and even that wasn’t very good.  I am pretty certain I simply over indulged on these since it’s easy and I haven’t really put a lot of thought to much outside of work the last few weeks.  Ultimately, I am happy this has happened.  It will save me some money.  But now I need to figure out my breakfast situation.  I think I referenced this before but now it’s time to get serious!  Because, really, breakfast is some serious business!

Can we talk about the world of selfies?  Here’s the thing, in the blog world I think this is pretty normal since, you know, it’s all about us.  However, in other places in the world/social media I think they are kind of weird.  I have never seen so many awkward selfies than I’ve seen on the dating sites.  They are kind of extreme actually.  Half naked shots, the “serious” shots, the weird mirror shots – yep, strange.  Maybe I am simply too judgy but I am really surprised by this!

This post really is going nowhere!  My apologies.  Hopefully the trex in the beginning helped make up for the sub par content!  Tomorrow I have a great idea though so come back!  I’m looking into some homemade/natural products and/or products that have been around forever.  Tonight will be experiment Wednesday!

deep(ish) thoughts and questions for you

Last night I ran at the indoor track even though I loathe the gym.  I’m totally turning into a wimp – I simply don’t want to run in the snow and ice right now.  Not to mention, I have either become more of a ‘fraidy cat or I’m becoming smarter and don’t want to run in the dark anymore.  Anyway, I digress…


So, during my run, I saw quite a few very heavy individuals working out.  First off, kudos to them!  I remember hating going to the gym when I was bigger (heck, I still don’t like it much) because we are surrounded by numerous 18-20 years olds and gravity hasn’t touched their bums or their boobs.  This is probably my own issue – I digress again!  While I was running, I saw these folks start and complete their workout and it really got me thinking.

Is some movement better than no movement at all?

I really used to believe this but now I am not so sure.  I definitely feel any movement is GOOD, however, are people with a weight issue setting themselves up for failure/giving up by only doing a minimal amount of exercise?  Walking around a track a few times (not even the full amount to make a mile) and then riding the bike for a bit is a good start but will it give people a chance to see real results?  And if they don’t see results will it end up being, “well, I tried exercise and it didn’t work so what’s the point?”

One of the Biggest Loser’s competitors talked about how she used to go to a trainer every Tuesday and then would follow-up the session with a fast food binge, most likely negating any positive effects of the work out.

What are your thoughts?

Here’s the thing, I ran around that circle 45 times so I did have some time to ponder this.  From my standpoint, I would hate for someone to go to the gym but then not see any results and give up.  I absolutely agree that you have to start somewhere though and maybe this was where this group was starting.  From my personal experience, it has taken me some time to realize what combination of nutrition, activity and being lazy will result in weight gain, loss or maintenance.  And maybe I just want to help folks before they struggle and decide it’s not worth it because it IS worth it!  There probably isn’t much I can do but it’s been on my mind…

this is how I felt after running in circles 45 times
this is how I felt after running in circles 45 times

Also, an 18 year old hit on me yesterday and while at the gym someone said they thought I was one of the students.  I need to hear these things since I will be hitting my mid (FREAKIN’) 30’s this weekend.  Yes, it is better than the alternative – but couldn’t another alternative be that I was born 3 years later?!  Why hasn’t science developed something like this?!  What are they wasting their time on?  I am getting older!  Again, with the dramatics… but I do have a bit of a complex!  Not to mention the RUDE Superbowl that decided to overshadow MY day with holding their little game – lame!

Tonight I went back to the gym for 5 more miles.  Here is my tale of woe – I was running and had a bad dizzy spell (epilepsy related – boo!) at mile 3.36.  It was pretty bad and I’m sure everyone else thought I ran into the side of the wall but instead I was grasping it to keep from falling over.  Not my favorite.  I walked/ran the next 1/2 mile.  This seemed to take forever and I wanted to be finished so I jumped on an empty treadmill and pounded out the last mile at a 10:14 pace.  Maybe not the wisest option but I got it finished.  I am proud for going back tonight, especially since it’s been a little while since I’ve run consistent days in a row.  Cheers to some self-discipline and (whoa!)106397609916714329_a2gCre5d_c a training plan!


my training plan… excuse me while I stress-barf

Have any of you ever seen the tv show, “The Mindy Project”?  It’s on after “New Girl” which I always forget about even though she kind of reminds me of myself.  Anyway, on an episode I watched, Mindy was talking about how when she gets nervous she “stress-barfs”.  I don’t always barf… so maybe I should have written, “stress-dry-heave”?  Nah, doesn’t have that same ring to it…

Why are nerves driving me to dry-heave?  I found a training plan!  One of my 2013 goals was/is to follow a training plan.  Like REALLY follow it – like really, really!  (ok, I’m done).  This is difficult for me – I don’t know if it’s my own little way of “bucking the system” or because I don’t like to feel boxed in.  Whatever the reason, I bonk out on plans.  But I want to improve and want to follow a plan.

Please welcome Hansons Marathon Method!  Despite the brothers being based out of MI, I had never heard of this training method.  Thankfully, Hungry Runner Girl has heard of them and wrote about it.  A week later, I ordered the book.  I got it this past weekend and have started making my way through.  (sorry – this is from amazon and you won’t be able to click to look inside – just teasin’!)


First of all, I flipped to the “plan section” so I could get rolling on this while I finish the book.  Completely cheating but my next marathon is in 3 months and I don’t have time to waste!  I went with the  beginner plan because while I may not be a total rookie, I am sure not veteran.

How is this plan different from others?  There is a lot of running.  You are running 5 days a week and some days are easy while others are “of substance”.  These include strength workouts, tempo workouts and speed workouts.  Then the other days are at an easy pace.  My absolute favorite thing about this program is they do not consider ANY miles, “junk miles”.  I am not a fan of this term to begin with so this spoke to my heart!  Before I got heavier into the mechanics of training and running (and all of the opinions out there) I ran because I liked it.  I knew how far but not really what my pace was.  I just did it.  I feel the Hansons Method gives some of that back to me.  Maybe it’s semantics but for me it clicks.

While the book isn’t a hard read, there are a lot of scientific aspects to it.  Typically, I am very good at understanding what I am reading, even if it means gathering information from the rest of the paragraph or whatnot.  I’ve had to read this a bit slower so all of the exercise science and anatomy pieces make sense to me, since this isn’t my background.  Well, I was a bio-major for two semesters but I only stuck with it the 2nd semester because a cute boy asked me to.  The bad grade so wasn’t worth it!

Now, I really do like the science explanations.  I have a much greater appreciation for what it takes for my body to get across that finish line.  Not to mention, the really amazing changes that happen in my body (and your’s!) when you run.  I’m not trying to be cheesy but the human body is one freakin’ incredible machine!

Because I am lazy, I am not going to type out the whole plan but this week I will run 24 miles total and my longest run for the entire training period will be 16 miles.  Again, right up my alley!  My highest mileage week will be 57 miles.  Me=lazy=this plan is PERFECT!

*toe update… I know, you might be wondering how much longer I can whine about this but seriously – who else wants to hear about my toe?  Not my co-workers, trust me, I tried them!  But it is feeling better and it hasn’t fallen off!  I guess I didn’t realize the actual joint would hurt…

1st running and reading long post

Today is the first “posting” day of Running and Reading Long!  As I have mentioned, I will be posting about this program each Thursday.  This Thursday I’ll be talking about some of the basics of the program and how this first week of training has gone.  Of course, since I can never do anything ‘normally’ this week has been a bit off – I’ve had to do some tapering for the 25k on Saturday.

The plan I am essentially going to be following is a Half Marathon training plan provided by Laura.  I tried posting it but had some trouble; I’ll try again.  Here is the deal –  I am not very good at following running plans (okay, most plans in general).  This is one of the reasons I wanted to do this program to see what I can accomplish with solid training.  I am training for this race

this is my goal race

It’s also the first race my family will ever see me run so I really want to do well.  It’s not quite the full 13 weeks away like the program but as I mentioned I am not always very good at following plans!

The plan started this past Monday and I was still pretty sore from the 12.5 miles on Sunday.  I didn’t end up running until yesterday, which means I missed some of the planned workouts.  I am not happy with myself for already messing with the schedule – this is the habit I am trying to break.  Nevertheless, I busted out 5 miles yesterday and then walked one mile home.  These 5 miles were AMAZING!  Wow!  I haven’t felt that great on a run in a long time.  I felt strong, kept a decent pace and I really listened to my body.  At one point, I was wondering if I could do 6 or 7 then I remembered the whole “taper” thing and knew 5 was the right decision.

haha, can you keep up with my running mood swings?!

Next week… I feel confident I can get back on schedule once the race is finished this weekend.  Since part of me knows I am not going to run super well this weekend, I have weird feelings about it.  I can’t really explain it but I’m looking forward to running some hills and doing some speed work next week.  I actually want to stick to a plan that actually might help me succeed!  The ONLY change I am considering is what’s supposed to be a walk day, I might turn into a run day and then stick to the other run hills/speed/long days.  I might run during this walk day only because I enjoy it.  We’ll see… again, I want to listen to my body.

I have also started the first book we are reading, Kara Goucher’s Running for Women:  From First Steps to Marathons.  Honestly, I haven’t gotten too far – it has been a NUTTY week for work and my books just came in the mail.  So, I’ll have to report more on that next week :)

Last, I want to leave you with the following quote:

“In order to attain the impossible, one must attempt the absurd.” – Miguel de Cervantes

It’s been on my computer for months now and I look at it everyday.  It just helps to keep pushing me forward, even when it feels like I am too tired, too sore and too lazy!  Hope it helps you, too!

things that make me happy & a training plan

River Bank 25k – 78 days

Ragnar Relay – 105 days

I want to make sure I remember things that make me happy since I know there are so many but for some reason I get bogged down in the things that make me mad, or sad or frustrated.  Why is this?  Maybe this will become a weekly post (I do like the alliteration of “things that make me happy thursday, although, there isn’t A LOT of alliteration there!) but we’ll see.  Ali on the Run does something like this on Thursdays and I have always liked it.  Not to mention, my friend and I have talked about starting a “grateful journal” or at least writing down what we are grateful for on a daily basis.  Let’s face it, we forget to see the positive things… so here is my list for this Thursday.

1  this

how amazing is this?!

When I was younger, PBS was on channel 9.  So we called Bob Ross “Channel 9 Guy”.  We were so creative.  Usually we only watched him if we couldn’t find anything else on tv but “happy trees” are still pretty incredible.

2.  Large iced nonfat caramel mochas from McDonald’s

so good and fairly cheap

I know I have detailed my love for coffee before and this drink in particular.  But I had to include it since they really do make me happy :)

3.  Harry Potter

I watched an obscene amount of Harry Potter this past weekend and it was awesome.  It really is a sad story and I have read all of the books several times.  For some reason I love the stories; at first I refused to buy into the hype and wouldn’t read them.  Then I caved and maybe I like the theme of “love conquers all” or how friends are defined as family.  Whatever it is, I love Harry Potter marathons on ABC Family on weekends!

4.  Doing laundry

love the color of this room!

I really do love to do laundry – maybe it’s because you can see your results from your efforts.  Or because it makes my apt smell so fresh.  Whatever it is, I am also fascinated by how men fold their laundry, haha.  Yes, I know I’m weird but I’m just interested.

5.  Reading this post about what to pack for the Ragnar Relay has gotten me even more excited about this race.  I can’t believe I have signed up for this!  Why?  Because it’s something I would have talked about but then chickened out before signing up.  It also seems like only a “real runner” would do a race like this.  Sometimes I forget that am a “real runner”!  I also love that I have opened myself up to a whole new community of people/runners and 11 other women who have responded in kind.  I’m looking forward to pushing myself, taking part in a totally different type of race and just having an absolute blast.  I put in for my time off last week and below is the beginning of the training schedule I’m going to use for the both the 25k and then transition to training for the Ragnar.  They suggest toward the end of training start running twice a day so your legs can get used to running multiple times in a day.  Yay!  I’m excited!

Training Plan

So, me being the math genius that I am (I counted the weeks on the calendar), figured out today that I have 12 weeks until the River Bank Run.  ***GULP***  When I tried to plug-in a training plan online (I was searching for some free ones) I put in the beginning and end date and another screen popped up that said there is not enough time for training.  HA!  I laugh in the face of you wacky online training plans!  Buuut, as I mentioned last night, it’s time to get moving.  Here is what my plan is going to look like for right now:

Monday – Yoga  (I’m always tired on Mondays and getting out to run is tough.  Yoga fits in really well here)

Tuesday – 4 miles

Wednesday – cross training

Thursday – 1 mile easy 2 miles tempo 1 mile easy

Friday – 1 mile easy and hills – equal to 4 miles, core work

Saturday – rest

Sunday – long run 6 and then I will up it each week

I know I will need to up my mileage during the week to match/prepare for the long runs.  During my training for my first half marathon I didn’t do a very good job of training during the weeks or doing much cross training.  I want to correct that mistake during this training season.  I will revise this training in the next couple of weeks and keep you all posted!