pancakes are jerks

First and foremost, today is my grandma’s birthday!

gr kate and my sister - I adore this picture!
gr kate and my sister – I adore this picture!

Happiest of Birthdays to a wonderful woman!  Seriously, everyone she meets loves her oodles and oodles.  I just got lucky to be her granddaughter.  People are jealous.

I have some odds and ends to share…

1) My stomach decided to stage a violent protest today.  Last night I made some brownie overnight oats.  It’s been on my must try list for some time and I was motivated last night so I made it.  These were some highly anticipated oats, my friends.  It made two servings and when I tried some today, I found them pretty rich.  I wasn’t sure if I totally dug them or not and then was only able to manage 1/2 of the serving before I put it back in the fridge.

before I delved into what I was hoping was chocolatey breakfast goodness
before I delved into what I was hoping was chocolatey breakfast goodness

It wasn’t long before my stomach starting picketing.  Now, I can’t be sure the oats were the culprit.  They did have a fair amount of milk in them (I used evaporated milk since I was out of almond milk – I use it for cooking).  I hurt for the rest of the day and I still can’t be sure if I feel better because my stomach is sore from the manic cramping.  The question… do I try the oats again to make sure it was them?  Or do I throw out the batch?  I’m conflicted.  (I got the recipe here)

2) I ran/walked 5 miles on the tready on Saturday.  I had a wicked dizzy spell in the middle of it so when I jumped back on for another 5 on Sunday I stuck to walking.  Still a bit woozy so I’m thinking I was dehydrated?  Yesterday I planned on a few more miles but gave into the siren call of my couch.  I still managed 3 walking miles for the day.

3) I made pancakes this weekend.  I was craving them and after the run I wanted a GIANT pancake.  Naturally, I chose a small frying pan and filled that sucker with batter – I wanted a super thick pancake.  I’m sure you might want to face-palm me right now because you guessed it – this bad boy took FOREVER to cook!  Oh my gosh!  20 minutes later it still had a gooey center, so I started scraping the done part off in order to try to cook it in mashed up pieces.  It was a pancake massacre… that still had a soft-batter center.  Thankfully butter, syrup and ham helped to hide the not-quite-done-parts.

this is a great illustration of my pancake sadness… and confusion

The thing is, this is the second time my pancakes have been mini-disasters.  The first time, fine, I tried to put together my own batter with flour and some odds and ends.  Not happening.  But this time I used a box mix!  The rest of the batter still didn’t cook very well even though I made them smaller/thinner.  I used Krusteaz gluten-free mix.  At this point I’m sticking to the Bisquick gluten-free pancake mix – those were more successful.  It was a bit tough on the ego to mess up pancakes, hence my firmly placing the blame on the pancakes themselves.  Jerks.

I thought I had more.  I guess I don’t.  But please weigh in on my question:

Try the oats again in order to not waste food in case they weren’t responsible for the loads of pain I suffered today?

I’m not one of those people

Breaking news:  this morning I was one of those people who forgot to eat.  Trust me, this NEVER happens.  But I got into work and started working on a project.  And was drinking coffee.  At 11 am, I was suddenly very hungry and realized I forgot to eat my almond/coconut Kind bar.  First of all, this in itself is astonishing considering I love me my Kind bars.  Second, I don’t forget to eat.  This concept is quite odd to me.  Third, it’s probably been 7 years since I last forgot to eat breakfast.  I suddenly feel lost.  WHO AM I?

Why didn’t I eat it straight-away after this realization?  I was meeting my friend for lunch at 11:45 at Panera so there wasn’t really a point.  Although I was nervous that later on I wouldn’t be able to feel full.  This used to happen to me all the time when I didn’t eat in the morning.  I wouldn’t eat until 1 pm or 2 pm and then proceeded to eat the rest of the day/evening.  Whenever anyone asks me how I lost weight in the first place, my answer is always, “I started eating breakfast”.  Really, this changed my eating habits on a permanent basis.

Anyway, back to how I originally started this post.  Not quite sure why I’ve gone all radio silent this past week.  I could blame it on feeling completely exhausted every night after getting home from work.  I could also blame it on some writer’s block.  Then there is the fact I was feeling lazy and falling into a napping habit.  Or because I’ve been taking my meds in the middle of the day in an attempt to make my dosage 12 hours apart.

Hmm… these are all fairly accurate reasons.  So there you go.

Thankfully, these reasons haven’t kept me from running.  I’ve been sticking with my plan pretty well with only a missed run here and there.  Remember – this is good for me!  I did decide to skip the 1/2 this past Sunday.  It snowed the night before (4′) and was a combo of frozen roadways and a freezing morning.  Not to mention, I woke up late and with a headache.  All of these made for running 2 and 1/2 hours seem incredibly less appealing.  I don’t regret my choice although I do feel a bit wimpy.  My treadmill and I are super good buddies at this point.

I also created some art!  I had a bit of help but here is the finished product:

daisy artIt’s hanging in my living room and definitely helps with some necessary color.  Naturally, now all I want to do is CREATE!  I purchased three more canvases in hopes of painting this:

or at least something fairly close
or at least something fairly close

Thank you pinterest, for ever fueling my project endeavors.

Last oddball thing:  for some reason I’ve started saying “oil” in a Southern accent.  I looked for gif or video to help explain this but to no avail.  I think the best way to describe it is, I say “uhl” – I’m not sure where the “o” or the “i” went.  I’m from WA state.

It’s very strange I tell ya.  I have no idea where this came from!

premature tapering

Typically, when I write about other topics and don’t touch on running it’s because I’ve been slacking.  However this isn’t the case!  Wahoo!  I’ve been running like a good runner in training should.  On the treadmill no less, which despite all of my previous whining has been a huge asset.  You see, it’s been snowing here in Kzoo.

this was my experience  last week

So thankfully, my good ol’ ‘mill has been seeing some action.  My Kindle has been a big helps as well and I figured out that if I open my window it makes it much less stifling.  Now time for a related topic… Awkward transition…  Throughout the course of my longer race training history an interesting pattern has evolved.  I call it premature tapering.

No picture here as I am not even willing to do an internet search!

I’ll be running and running and then the 3 weeks BEFORE I am supposed to taper, I start the tapering process.  I’m not quite sure why but I do think I start to get bored or burned out.  Then after these three weeks are over I give myself a quick swift kick in the bum, freak out and go full throttle with training again.

I wonder if Disney will allow me to have one of these?

This is a most excellent plan.

Since I can’t remember doing it a different way (I’m sure it wasn’t like this when I did the running camp but my memory fails me) it hasn’t been too detrimental.  I did it for my first full and I’ve done it for most of the 1/2’s I’ve run.  I’m sure doing it the way I’m “supposed to” would be helpful although the concept of tapering freaks me out.  And you know, it’s too late now.

Am I worried?  Eh – I don’t know.  Since this race has been on my mind for months I’m to the point where I know it’s going to happen.  I’m 75% confident I will be able to complete the whole thing.  I have no worries about the first three races; it’s just that dang full at the end!  But if I don’t complete the full I won’t get the Goofy medal, the Dopey medal or the 26.2 medal.  This set of races is really about the bling!  I’ve also told everyone I know (repeatedly) about this race and I’m not thrilled with the idea of saying I didn’t finish.  Oh yeah, and you know my personal pride!

okay, so I kind of feel like this on the inside sometimes!

I am also getting excited to go to (warm) FL, stay in a Disney hotel, buy some treasures and run!  The minibreak aspect of it will also be welcome.  I do plan on busting out some snowy, cold miles on Thursday and Friday when I have time during the day.  Then next week I’m headed out to visit the fam and it is a balmy 40ish degrees!  I find this splendid.  While the weather will be ideal my test will be to get out there and run as opposed to sitting on the couch.  While I would like to declare my intentions of running all the miles we all know this isn’t a solid guarantee.  Haha, stay tuned!

Are you good at tapering?  If not, you have found a kindred spirit!

I love halloweenie

Happy Halloweenie!

My mom LOVED Halloweenie!  It was her favorite holiday and she always went all out.  Example:

I rest my case!

She made both my sister’s and my costumes and of course, her own.  We were decked out every year.  Since we didn’t live in a neighborhood full of kids, we would trick or treat in a different neighborhood with family friends and the moms would stay back and hand out candy to all of the trick or treaters.

As we got too old to trick or treat, she would make the BEST bags of goodies for all of the kiddies – they loved coming to our house.  Mom would find the grossest candy she could find (gummy brains, gummy earwax – whatever) and they would love it!

Today has been kind of up and down for me, since it’s the first Halloween without mom.  I did “dress up” a bit for work though

I was trying to show my socks… not sure what’s going on with my arms though!

I think people made fun of me but I’m sure I made my mom proud!  Haha, she loved it when I pulled stuff like this!  So, it was nice to remember her this way.

On the running front, I headed to the gym tonight to partake in some indoor running.  Oh yeah… I don’t like indoor running.  Oh well.  I ran half a mile around the indoor track and then jumped on the treadmill for a “speed” session.  I did 2 miles in 19:30, which is a 9:45 pace!  Then I finished the mile on the track.  I didn’t feel great when I was trying to finish the mile on the track so when I got done I walked two laps.  I started to run after this to finish it out but then I had a bad dizzy spell and decided I needed to walk the rest of the mile.

I shouldn’t be surprised by the dizzy spell.  I’ve been playing it fast and loose with my meds recently.  I know it’s not wise but my meds make me tired 24/7 so sometimes I “forget” to get the refill on time.  Me=dumb.  Plus, Motrin 800’s dehydrate me quickly so this is a possibility as well.  Despite my head feeling crappy, I’m pleased with the speed session and looking forward to charting progress.  I already know it would have been tough a few weeks ago to sustain that pace for the whole two miles.  Progress is a beautiful thing friends!

Hope you have a fun holiday!

I shouldn’t be allowed to use sharp things

buffy, the treadmill and finally getting off my *bleep*!

Right now, I’m really wishing I had an extra $1000.  Why?  Because I have been reading a few blogs and they all talk about treadmill running and I’ve decided I want a treadmill.  And an iPad so I can watch as I run.  Sounds like a good plan, right?

I’ve never seen this whole series, only episodes – it’s time to fix this

Okay, so I’ve decided to battle my own laziness by a) actually getting off my bum and going for run outside and b) settling for (a super cheap) gym membership, even though I don’t like the gym that is near me.  I’ve belonged before and it’s probably one of my least favorite places.  But craptastic weather will also be here soon and I’ve got this whole January marathon that I don’t want to suck at going on so gym it is.

this goes for race entry fees too

Funny thing is, I used to have a treadmill.  I hung my clothes off of it.  It worked great.  Then I ended up selling it and now I kind of kick myself for that decision.  Sure it was a $100 I needed at the time but it sure was a short-sighted of me.  I talked before about how much I dislike running on the ol’ ‘mill but truth is, it’s great for working on keeping a consistent pace – which I struggle with.  It’s also a much harder work out for me (probably the whole pace consistency thing).  Not to mention, doing speed sessions on them can’t be half-assed.  I do run slower on the treadmill, which is a bit harsher on my ego but I need to simply get over that.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about my training.  The other day I found a new blog, It’s a dog lick baby world and I’ve inhaled her posts!  I’m fascinated with her running.  First of all, she is 8 months preggers and still pulling down 30ish mile weeks.  Second, she doesn’t make excuses as to why she can’t run – she just does it.  She talked about it a bit and said something along the lines of refusing to justify reasons NOT to run.  Brilliant.  Me?  I’ve been coming up with “justifiable” excuses for a while now and it’s time I stopped.

oh yeah, it’s hard – that’s kind of a good reason, maybe?

I never used to.  But I will say one of the major reasons I ran before was because I was kind of obsessive about not gaining weight.  It was a powerful motivator for me but in reality an oddly unhealthy one.  I’m happy my running has transcended the “only do it to lose weight” category but sometimes I miss this piece of motivation.  I think what I really miss though is feeling really strong  and less fatigued.  Guess it’s time I use those last two as reasons to get off the couch!

So, I need/want some hints or advice… how do you all battle fatigue and keep training?  What do you do to combat fatigue in the first place?  What makes you not give in to feelings of laziness?

*When I got home from my run tonight (more on this later) I got a text that said I won a $1000 gift card from Best Buy!  Had my blog wishes comes true???  Nope – scam.  Major sad face!