weekly wellness recap

I’ve decided to do a weekly wellness check in – maybe I can help others who are struggling with similar issues?  Also, I want to write out what I am doing to help avoid making the same mistakes and repeat some of the successes.

Mind Arena:

As mentioned, this was an emotional week.  I soak up the emotions of others – especially those I really care about.  I’m slowly learning to turn down my emotional permeability to detrimental or unnecessary emotions but I’m a work in progress on that front.  With regards to people who are dear to me though, all bets are off.  This definitely created some angst to my physical and emotional self.

A good point though was during one or two days when regular work stress was hitting the fan, I was able to utilize tapping to ease it in the moment along with working out in the evenings (more on this in a moment).  Both of these gave me a boost of confidence that in time, I might be able ease more of my current and future physical pain/symptoms.

Oh and I continued to ease my troubled mood with some Parks and Rec each evening – seriously helped.  Not to mention satisfying my craving for waffles (thanks to Leslie Knope for initiating that craving!).  And a wonderful gift from a friend – Trex socks!  I know, how lucky am I?!

when I look at my feet I get happy
when I look at my feet I get happy

Body Arena:

Last week was a three day work out week.  Not as good as the week before, however, I did have 4 work outs, so that’s something!  But I really shouldn’t write about work outs until AFTER they happen.  Thursday night I was all set for a swim.  Unfortunately there was another swim meet.  Instead, I hit 4 miles on the treadmill friends.  It was a struggle.  I REALLY wanted to give up at mile 3 but hung until the end.  Friday was a really bad stomach day but still hit 3 miles – walking, you know, to make sure I didn’t vomit on my cat.  Always a good thing, eh?


So, a brief recap: Tuesday night, 30 min swim, followed by 3 miles on the treadmill.  Thursday, 4 miles, and Friday 3 more.  This past weekend was a ROUGH one.  The doc did say exercise helps with both the acid issues and IBS but even after stuffing a ton of meds down my throat during the day, I wasn’t able to even slowly walk on my friend, the tready.  The weekend before was bad too and I’m beginning to wonder if my being a lazy-bones during the day has something to do with it.  Or maybe because I push it during the week to make sure I hit my obligations and then once I can let my guard down, my body goes into full attack mode.  On itself.  Hmm… I’m going to brainstorm an action plan and some experiments to see what I can do about this.

In the food realm, I totally laxed on my low-FODMAP diet.  I tried to eat some foods on the no-no list with lousy results.  I did better with the GERD diet, although my stomach didn’t seem to appreciate my efforts.  I do this thing where once I’ve been diagnosed and received my marching orders, my expectations are an IMMEDIATE “I feel better!”.  Perhaps I should give things time to work?  What can I say?  I’m a delusional optimist!

thanks to Kara at It’s a Dog Lick Baby World for tweeting me this! Sorry it’s hard to read but fruit is kinda off the table at the moment.

This week I’m striving for a more concerted effort with eating low-FODMAPs (I think I’ve found a couple of fruits I can eat, smoothie style – got to avoid some scurvy!), swimming at least 2x – it relieves stress/anxiety better than running and more miles on the treadmill.  Also, I will employ some more tapping sessions to head off some of the aforementioned stress/anxiety.

Welcome week!

brain dump

1.  I wrote yesterday’s post completely on my phone.  I’m not sure I will make it a regular thing but for the lazy girl inside it was nice not to have to break out my computer.  I did have to give it quite the edit once I opened it on my laptop though.

2.  Speaking of which, my friends teach college students.  They have students who typed an entire paper from their phone in the body of the email  (who does this?!).  I’m not even sure how they did it.  Don’t worry – they had to rewrite it.

3.  Surprisingly, I came home yesterday and wasn’t utterly exhausted.  This is a major change from how I usually feel.  I even woke up every two hours the night before!  I used whatever reservoir I had tapped into and went for a run.  Well, after I sat on the couch for a bit.

4.  I can’t stop eating blueberry bagels.  And peanut butter.  It’s one of the few things that actually sounds good right now.  Oh and yogurt but that’s essentially a given.

I know… my apologies

5.  With fall hitting and winter right around the corner, Simon is extra cuddly.  I love it.  He insists on sitting on my lap all the time.

cuddly simon
yes, he lays like this – strange bird, he is

6.  In the next two weeks I will have access to free PT injury assessments.  One is the 15th, which just happens to be before my marathon.  The next one is the 30th, just after.  Perfect timing!  Thankfully they are at different clinics so the 2nd one won’t know how dumb I was to run 26.2 on an injured ankle.  My dad isn’t quite sure about my thought process regarding marathoning injured.  I’m determined to run/finish it.  The money is a factor, so is the medal and then there is something else driving me that I can’t quite identify.

7.  I found an interesting mini diet plan on pinterest.  Please feel free to roll your eyes, especially after yesterday’s post.  I know it’s silly and I want to not want to do it.  But I’m going to.  Right after the marathon.  Trust me, there is actual food on this plan albeit a low calorie count.  I am finished with training after the 19th though, which completely justifies my absurdity.

unfortunately, bacon is not included.

8.  I saw this buzzfeed about anxiety this morning.  If you were ever wondering what it feels like, then take a gander.

9.  Speaking of which, I started having a panic attack on Tuesday.  I decided to try to ride it out.  About an hour later I was doing a bit better.  I am going to keep trying to push through them if possible before jumping to my “extra strength in the moment” anxiety meds.

10.  More t-rex humor… I’m obsessed

trex humorI guess my brain hasn’t been very active as of late.  To be honest, I’m getting focused/antsy about the impending marathon.  I can’t believe it’s here.  I’m both freaked out and happy it will be done soon.  Hey – good luck to anyone racing this weekend and to all of you Chicago runners!!  Wahoo!

wkend eve – thankfully

I know I should be all carpe diam and appreciating each moment like it’s a precious gift… However, if the universe offers me any more “gifts” this week, I may simply attempt to send them back.  Wednesday night I was laying in bed, completely exhausted.  The trying moments of the week were weighing on me.  I MADE myself focus on some of the good things and started to see that they did push some of the not so good things aside.  Mostly.

A snippet of the things going wrong: sat in something at the caf and didn’t realize it until I got home.  A pair of my favorite pants are most likely ruined.  When I was soaking them I also noticed they are getting a hole on the inner thigh.  I am more disappointed than I should be but I’ve had these pants for approximately 9 years and I really like them!  (I get attached easily – I was wearing shorts I got back in 1998 when I wrote this.)

I’m bloated.  Had a migraine on Wednesday as my allergies are amped up on steroids.  Or more precisely, the pollen is amped up on steroids.  This in turn has caused a very raw nose that I’ve had to vaseline and is quite unsightly.  I’m pretty embarrassed and I’ve got a comment or two.  Basically, I’ve felt crummy this week for all kinds of reasons.  Yesterday I *broke* my office computer, which essentially means it quit working when I attempted to turn it on.  I am seriously a jinx it when it comes to electronics.

I do try to not get caught up in the whole, “my life sucks” and instead recognize that all days can’t be winner, winner chicken dinner.  I get it.  So, Wednesday night I started thinking of what DID go right…

yes, I can be

My incredible niece turned 20!  I just love her to pieces and I am so stinkin’ proud of her.  I can’t wait to see her in a month and a half.  I also got my nephew’s high school graduation announcement – so weird!  I seriously dig this kid as well and I’m lucky to have them both in my life.

Run camp.  Reaching out to everyone has proven to be a wise choice.  I’ve received a lot of “you can dooo it(s)” from people – a great support.  I don’t mind asking for help to lift a heavy box or something but when it comes to an area where I feel I should be strong, I struggle.  One of my friends has a nifty plan in the works to help me get motivated and make it to those early Saturday morning runs.  I’ve yet to hear what this plan is but people have my back.  It gives me confidence and some hope.

even harrison ford and the wookie want me to succeed

If I put half as much effort into my life as I do making sure I don’t have to make a second trip after the grocery store I would be the president of the United States by now.  Just an entertaining thought.

I had a solid run at lunch yesterday.  I was frustrated before I left and by the time I was finished I felt like a normal person; not the crazed one who left 35 minutes earlier.  I forget this feeling sometimes.

I got some free movie theater popcorn.  I also went to this charity dinner gig and saw one of my Dopey running mates.  Simon has been quite cuddly this week as well.  The other night he was laying in the crook of my arm with one paw draped across my chest.  Another heart melting moment for me.

I watched the third season of Sherlock – I thought it was great!

I recognize these aren’t earth shattering problems but sometimes when things stack up, I feel steamrolled.  I know some of it is part of the stew pot of anxiety/depression and I’m working on building up my “bounce back” reserve so these silly things don’t feel like such a big deal.  See?  Here’s me being all Pollyanna.  There’s hope for me yet.  Maybe I’ll carpe of this diem.

*Edited*  My sister sent me these socks today.  I absolutely cried out in joy when I opened the package.  Yep, I’ve got a really fantastic sister!

my trex love runs deep
my trex love runs deep

double work out day? yes, I did!

Let me shout the following from the roof tops!

A)  I got up early and ran this morning!  Wahoo!  I ran two miles and walked one.  The last one?  Well, I kind of forgot it was warm outside and I wore two shirts – one long sleeve.  Then I didn’t bring any water with me.  And finally, I wanted to vomit.  So you know, I walked!

B)  Then tonight I just got back from swimming!  Yay!  30 minutes were on my training plan.  Let me just say, moving my arms is going to be a problem tomorrow.  It has been about a year since I have been in the pool and it was TOUGH!  Trex probably wasn’t meant to be a swimmer but I made do.

Of course the reason I had a double work out day was because I missed a work out earlier in the week.  The same thing will happen tomorrow (fingers crossed).  My goal at this point is to hit all of the work outs on the training plan even if I have to rearrange a bit to accommodate for work or life.

you know, kinda like this

I am very proud of myself!  Hence the shouting from the roof tops!

This leads me to this next piece… A co-worker/friend always knows the best music or videos on youtube.  You know these kinds of folks?  I always wonder, “where the heck does he get this stuff”??  In addition to finding this great business, he also is so stinkin’ funny that I literally almost crumple to the ground because I am laughing so hard.  Seriously, my bones just seem to melt.

The other day we were talking before giving a presentation and he asked me if I had ever seen the following youtube video

If you are inclined to skip this, DON’T I promise you won’t be disappointed!  I absolutely adore little Jessica’s enthusiasm – for life, her family and most of all herself!  I love the confidence that is simply spilling out of her and emphatic moves make it all the more enjoyable!

I know Stewart Smiley used to be one of the biggest/best skits on Saturday Night Live – mostly because of the irony involved.

BUT I think it would be great if we all started our mornings with a similar amount of enthusiasm for our lives and ourselves, like Jessica!  And it’s important to say it out loud!  I know, I can feel myself cringing a bit at the thought but it seems more powerful this way!

Tonight I will be doing exactly this!  Enjoy your evening!

hodge podge – vol 17(?)

Truly, aside from coffee this makes me epic-ly happy today!

I just love his little body wiggle when he moves his arms – SO CUTE!  I have no idea where my fascination with the t-rex came from however, I will say I’ve been comparing my arms to that of said dinosaur for quite some time.  Like even before this movie came out!  Yes, basically I am saying I started this whole trend.  I feel like all of the trexes up in dinosaur heaven are happy about this.

Monday training started and I’ve made Mondays my rest days.  Here is the thing – I’m a huge baby.  Mondays kick my buns from here to Jaboody.  They always seem to sweep me away and all my denial from the weekend surfaces.  Ewww.  By the end of the day I am crawling through the door.  Simon greets me, demands food, I change my clothes and this is essentially all I can muster.  Even though it means switching the plan all around I know it’s worth it.  Otherwise I would miss a good portion of these work outs – I know it

true dat

I had this post all finished but once I read over the second part it seemed really whiny.  I want to be done with whiny for a bit so I’m going to write about something else… basically, this is going to be a hodge-podge of business!

The unexpected has happened – I am completely over my egg mcmuffin love.  Today I had my last one and even that wasn’t very good.  I am pretty certain I simply over indulged on these since it’s easy and I haven’t really put a lot of thought to much outside of work the last few weeks.  Ultimately, I am happy this has happened.  It will save me some money.  But now I need to figure out my breakfast situation.  I think I referenced this before but now it’s time to get serious!  Because, really, breakfast is some serious business!

Can we talk about the world of selfies?  Here’s the thing, in the blog world I think this is pretty normal since, you know, it’s all about us.  However, in other places in the world/social media I think they are kind of weird.  I have never seen so many awkward selfies than I’ve seen on the dating sites.  They are kind of extreme actually.  Half naked shots, the “serious” shots, the weird mirror shots – yep, strange.  Maybe I am simply too judgy but I am really surprised by this!

This post really is going nowhere!  My apologies.  Hopefully the trex in the beginning helped make up for the sub par content!  Tomorrow I have a great idea though so come back!  I’m looking into some homemade/natural products and/or products that have been around forever.  Tonight will be experiment Wednesday!

obsess much?

***Yippee!  I finally feel like I am recovering from my never-ending headache.  Here is a post I started at some point last week (the days have all run together).  It all still applies!

There are times when I become a bit obsessed with things.  I am not sure where this comes from but once I like something I tend to go a bit overboard.  Here is a list of some of my infatuations:

1.  Twilight – I made fun of this book mercilessly when some of my students were reading it.  Now, I watch the movies… a lot.  Two weekends ago, I watched the first one 4 times.  I was on call for work so that was part of it but still, I completely admit this is weird.

2.  Sweet Potato casserole – I had this for the first time a few years ago at Thanksgiving.  Now I make it at least twice a month.  In fact, there is one in the oven right now.

3.  T-rex – yep, completely obsessed!

thanks brother in law!
thanks brother-in-law!

4.  Coffee – this has increased over the last few months so that I buy decaf in order to drink this goodness in the evening.  I am actually trying to eliminate my evening coffee but it’s on my mind… a lot.


5.  Pinterest – oh my goodness, I can’t even tell you how much I love pinterest!  Sometimes when I am stressed out, I “pin” a few things and then feel much better.  Normal, right?

cracks me up
cracks me up

6.  Artificial Blueberry flavoring – yep, you read that correctly.  My top three favorites are Blueberry Frosted Mini wheats, Blueberry Nutrigrain bars and Special K Blueberry crisps.  The trifecta of goodness.  There has been a box of Blueberry Frosted Mini wheats in my apt continuously for the last 4 years.  I am absolutely not joking.

it was love at first bite
it was love at first bite

7.  Cuties – I’ve talked about my love for Cuties before and after I wrote about them I felt like there was a run on them at the store.  So, let’s keep it our secret, okay?

8.  Eggs – this one has been going on for years now.  Even when everyone told me eggs were cholesterol bombs, which of course isn’t the truth, I still ate them.  Everyday for breakfast.  I still consider this one of my weight loss “secrets”.

9.  Diet 7-Up – this one is new-ish.  I am not sure why I love it so much but I think it helps to settle my stomach with its bubbles and sort of flat taste.  I’m not doing it justice because I think it tastes really good!

10.  Blogs :)  Seriously, I love reading blogs!  I love reading archives and catching up on people’s lives who inspire me, make me laugh and encourage me.  You know when you find a new series on Netflix and you don’t move until you have watched every season possible?  I get like that with blogs.  Two others that I find both funny and hardcore are “It’s A Dog Lick Baby World” and “Chocolate is My Life“.  I think the three of us could/would be friends.  That doesn’t sound stalk-ery, right?!

11.  Simon – but that’s a total given, right?


Happy Sunday folks!

my blogaversary!!!!

OH MY GOSH!  My blog is ONE YEAR OLD!  Its my blogaversary!!!  I can’t believe it! 

awww – I might have to celebrate!

I really feel all of my ramblings on this bad boy are helping me to achieve my dream of becoming a writer.  Maybe it’s a bit of free therapy, a bit of an ego boost, people to “talk to” and an amazing way to meet SO MANY INCREDIBLE PEOPLE!  I can’t believe the opportunities (by the way – I misspell this word every time I type it!) that have come my way because of this.  I’ve become a SweatPink Ambassador through FitApproach, run a marathon, was left a comment by the AUTHOR of “Second Wind”, ran 200 miles with some fellow bloggers and so much more!  I still can’t believe how much has happened.

It’s also been a positive creative outlet for me.  I didn’t realize how much I needed it until I started writing.  But the best part?  I was super nervous – what if it sucked?  But I took the plunge and my mom got to see it before she passed.  She loved it!  This was her favorite pic that I posted early on

my dishes are so happy!

In light of celebration, I also got good news yesterday – I WON an entry into the Blue Ridge Mountain Marathon!  Wahoooo!

of course I am a bit nervous too!

Ummm… check out this map and elevation!

I found it! Yes, I’m sweatin’ a little – but sooo pumped!

Yesterday wasn’t the best day so finding out I had won this certainly made it better.  Then my brother-in-law posted this on my facebook wall

Isn’t this awesome?!  I loved it!  Unfortunately I didn’t see this before the afternoon class that I teach… they weren’t participating in class and a few were on their phones.  Usually, I can brush it off but today was a whole other story.  They got extra homework!

Once I got home, I wanted to make a beeline for the couch.  Luckily, I knew I would be tired so I pre-packed my gym bag, got an Ipod shuffle (yes, my new nano is no longer with us) and set it all ON the couch!  I also refused to let myself sit down.  I changed and was off to the gym for 9 miles!  Mentally, this was tough – I ran on an indoor track and you have to go around it 9 times to make a mile, haha.  So, I broke it up into 3 sections and took a drink of water after each set of 3 miles.  This also helped me from getting too dizzy as well!

Oh and tonight – getting my tree!!