I’m a try-er of new things

Essentially, this is a #firstworldissues post… With a cup full of consumerism…

I should amend this title to say, “a try-er of new products” because indeed this is my thing.  I love to try new products.  Mostly because I am convinced there is something better out there and I want to find it.  I am extremely loyal to a product once I find the one but it takes me some time to get there.

searching – almost got it! wait… searching again

The other temptation is price.  If I find a product cheaper and I am fairly certain will do the same job then I get it.  However, this causes problems at times when it turns out I am allergic.  I would say the biggest areas where I do this are face products, shampoos/hair products, body wash and running shoes.  Obviously, there is a theme here (minus the running shoes) and ironically enough (please say I used irony correctly!) this is also the area where allergies pop up the MOST!

Recently, I wanted to buy a cheaper body wash than Dial.  I really like Dial, especially the yogurt ones but it can be really pricey – actually ridiculously so.  Since more often than not, I shower twice a day this adds up.  I decided to try another brand only to find it was extremely stinky – to the point it made me nauseous every time I showered.  I tried another one that I thought was the golden ticket and broke out in a rash.  Super awesome.  This rash then lead me down the path of my current stress rash/itchiness.

I decided I needed to hit up some of the basics.  I did purchase the Dial but then also found a travel size Dr. Bronner’s soap.  Have you heard of this?  It is extremely natural and not tested on animals (which I do think many companies avoid anyway simply from the sheer outrage factor) and I’ve read great reviews.  I’ve tried the peppermint so far and have the lavender one too.  The peppermint wakes up your senses!  I like it – there is some tingly action and some days it’s kind of much for me so I am anticipating the lavender to be on the gentler side of things.  It isn’t cheap but it also lasts a long time.  It simply takes a few drops and you are good to go.  I’ve read you can use it as shampoo, face wash, and cleaning your house!  Yes, I do think this last one is strange but whatever.

I know - it seems really expensive but it lasts a long time.  you can also buy smaller sizes
I know – it seems really expensive but it lasts a long time. you can also buy smaller sizes

Running shoes.  I’ve talked about this issue quite often because I am never sure if the perfect shoe is on my foot or if there is a better one out there.  It’s definitely possible I’m over thinking this but there is a part of me that feels if I haven’t given many of them a chance, how will I know?  Nikes are too narrow for me, Asics were good for a bit but are clunky and the colors aren’t always very fun.  I like my Brooks Pure Cadence but the balls of my feet were hurting badly during my marathon – they are a fast shoe though.  Currently, I am enjoying my Mizuno Wave Inspires but a bit pricey and don’t seem to go on sale.  I mentioned a few of weeks ago, I wanted to order the Saucony Mirage but I tried to fight the urge.  I did.  For three weeks.

hello my pretties
hello my pretties

I ordered them today and am looking forward to giving them a whirl.  They are also $45 right now.  I think this will be my last trial as far as running shoes are concerned.  There aren’t too many others I am wildly curious about so hopefully I’ll be content with my choice.

this is how I’ll feel when I finally decide

Yesterday I had the chance to escape work for a whole 2 hours!  I went to visit friends.  One friend has a 1 yr old, the other a newborn and then my third friend is preggers.  Umm… yes, there was a lot of estrogen in the room and my ovaries where saying things like, “you want a baby too!”.  One of them brought some wine, Moscato d’Asti and it was very delicious.  I highly recommend it!

see the cute baby in the background?  love him! and his mummy & daddy
see the cute baby in the background? love him! and his mummy & daddy

Funny thing, this doesn’t extend to people, my job or other major areas of my life.  Mostly running gear (although it may be simply I am addicted to gear!) and the body care thing.  It’s weird.

What about you?  Do you try products?  Are you on the constant search for the perfect whatever?  If not, how do you decide what is best for you?