some wkend oopsies

This weekend I made a few mistakes.  I shall detail them for you in hopes I can help you all avoid them in the future.  Also, I’ve included a couple of things I actually got right so I don’t sound so grumpy.

1.  Running – the oopsie:

A) Way overdressed-I was wearing long sleeves & capris.  It was about 65*.  Not a smart plan.

I bet they were as toasty as I was

B) I didn’t bring any water.  I didn’t exactly hydrate all that well during the day so this kicked me in the bum.  Speaking of lack of water, I also did a crummy job with fueling.  For some reason, I didn’t eat much prior to leaving & I was extremely hungry during the run.  By the way, I repeated the hydration mistake on Sunday too and I didn’t have to use the restroom for 10 hours.  Yeah, ridiculous, I deserve to have a crappy run.

C) You know, it would have helped if I had done some decent running during the week.  I have some excuses (of course) but really, I could’ve pushed through on some of those days and I didn’t.  Lame.

2.  Watching lots of teen angst tv – the oopsie

A)  I found a CW series on Netflix & it seriously had some drama.  But I couldn’t pull myself away.  AND there is only one season so I am going to end up disappointed!  Did that stop me?  Nope.  I haven’t quite finished the first season and I’m committed; however it fed into my feeling all emo.  Excellent – this is what I refer to as not the best life choice.

3.  Spending a holiday weekend alone – the oopsie

A)  Ok, so this isn’t an abnormal thing for me but it did make me feel kind of blue.  Needless to say, number 2 didn’t really help with this.

4.  Going to the store when feeling said blueness – the oopsie

A)  I spent $30 on incidentals.  It started with some coconut oil mousse & it blossomed from there.  Then there was this candle warmer thing that I convinced myself I should purchase since it was Easter & I needed a giftie.

What did I do well?  LAUNDRY!  Yay!  Good gravy, my laundry situation was ridiculous!  It really is such an amazing feeling of accomplishment to get it done.  I seem to forget this…  Please feel free to remind me!

Going to the grocery store!  Yes, this does contradict my previous statement but I had two prescriptions to pick up & I really wanted to put off going-like I had for the last two days.  I’m terrible about just getting it done despite it meaning I’m out of meds.  So again, an “I’m proud” moment.

Running. While Saturday’s run was fairly miserable, I did get up & do it.  There was about a mile in there that was enjoyable & so at least there is that.  Then I ran yesterday as well.  Eh…  I started out wearing my old shoes since my Hokas are giving me blisters (more in another post).  Within the first few steps I knew this was a giant mistake and went back to change.  Different shoes helped despite my blisters getting worse.  I am attempting to give myself props despite the runs being lackluster.  Oh!  I did follow some Runner”s World advice!  I read an article about hills and pace. They advised not trying to keep the same pace rather keep the same effort.  It’s difficult for sure but I could feel the difference.

I guess that’s it.  I allowed the feeling sorry for myself-sometimes I think it’s important to just feel the emotions rather than pushing them away.  I also indulged in an alcoholic beverage which may or may not have helped but whatever.  AND I picked out my outfit for this morning.  Not sure why this is noteworthy but I going with it.

With that, I will spare you any further time commitment to my angst.  I hope you had a lovely holiday wkend (if this is your thing) & the beautiful weather that seemed to descend over everyone. I’m CONVINCED we have seen the last if the snow-enjoy!

a cat dish, celery seed & cinnamon

Aside from my grocery shopping experience a few other things of note happened this weekend…

On Friday, I had a meeting with a bunch of undergrad and graduate students.  They ranged in ages from 19-25.  One student was sort of sitting in a corner and I said, “James, you should say, ‘nobody puts Baby in a corner'”.  Cue me laughing at my own joke and students all staring at me.  Every single one of them.  “You all don’t know what that’s from?”  Again with the blank stares.  It hurt my heart a bit – our youths have no culture!

Harry Potter marathon weekend.  This was a nice change from all of the murder and mayhem I’ve been watching on Investigation Discovery.  Since our cable was upgraded I now get this lovely channel along with a bajillion others.  For this tv gal, this is awesome.

I also watched some House Hunters.  One episode featured this couple who were very elitist.  Nothing “matched their style” and they literally said, “This is SO suburban.”  Turns head,   “oh look!  There’s the rain shower I wanted!”.

Even their realtor made fun of them pointing out that a rain shower is in fact a dreaded suburban detail. I think they drove me bonkers because of how condescending they were.

I finally did some laundry and the rolling suitcase trick worked wonders.  I was going to pick up the last load and decided to take my trash out as well since this was desperately needed.  Sure enough as I was almost there I went down hard!  I landed on my “saddlebag” area and tweaked my knee a bit.  Oh and the car of people driving by saw the whole thing!

The aches and pains aren’t terrible though.  Good thing I drink so much coffee (creamer) and eat yogurt, I’ve got some strong bones!

I also posted some items for sale.  I’m working on selling my bistro table, some dishes and then  some throw pillows to give away.  I’ve heard of a site where people trade and sell their gently used work out gear.  I need to find this as I have gear with tags on it!  If any of you are interested let me know and I will post some pics.

Oh and an INMATE called me on Saturday afternoon.  Why yes, a recording said I was getting a call from _____ (didn’t catch his name) who is an inmate from a jail in MI.  That was all I needed to hear and I hung up.  Sorry dude – hope I wasn’t your only phone call but NO.

My original plan was to run yesterday.  I plugged in my Kindle since there is no way I can run on a treadmill without being totally entertained (there is some firstworldproblem sarcasm here) and changed into my running shorts.  I needed to waste some time while it was charging and for some reason I jumped into organizing my spare room.  Clone Amy strikes again!  4 hours later and while I didn’t run, I did make some progress.  I was going through this shelf of clothing and I found a container of celery seed, one of cinnamon and a cat dish. Umm… I got nothing.

Not going to lie, it’s times like these that I wish I was more “normal”!

I couldn’t believe how much work I got done in that span of time!  Since today is a snow day(!!) I can get a run in along with doing more work on the room.  Yes, I am very proud of myself!

Do was your weekend?  Please tell me you have found random spices in your clothes closet too