The posts are comin’ in hot!

Alright, not really.  All week I’ve been writing posts in my brain, just haven’t been able to put them to “paper”.  My brain is a bit mushy this week.

Anyway, the title – “#cloneAmy”.  I referenced this version of me before but here is a bit of a refresher:  #cloneAmy is my clone (fairly obvious) who accomplishes things that I would normally put off.  Essentially, “she” is the non-ADHD/more organized version of me.  So, #cloneAmy had some shiny moments already this week.  Working out on Monday – which I already mentioned.  Important to celebrate since it was a) Monday b) there was some actual foresight involved c) no procrastinating.  Well done #cloneAmy.

Tuesday (also St. Pat’s), #cloneAmy had a couple of other highlights.  I had some low points, which I will refrain from boring you with, so when #cloneAmy stepped up to the plate it was welcomed.  First off, reduced my carbon footprint by picking up some needed trip items while already out at my chiro appt.  Second, made a righteous to-do list.  Lately, I’ve faltered with keeping my to-do lists up to date.  This wreaks havoc on my productivity considering my aforementioned ADHD so I have to remember to pull it together when I start getting all cocky.  Anyway, to-do list made and items crossed off.  Third, I caved when I came home and was resting on the couch…

nooooooo – don’t sleep on the couch – GET UP!

You guessed it – #cloneAmy came through and did some laundry!

Once again, this foresight was necessary as two realizations hit: 1) I have to work late on Thursday night – until approximately 8 pm.  2) my flight LEAVES at 5:55 am on Friday morning, from an airport about one hour away.  3) We need to leave here right around 3:30 – 3:45 am so a wake up call of 2:15 am.

Seriously, regular Amy would not have put these two things together until much later in the game.  Monday, I pulled up my itinerary (another complete anomaly – I once started driving to the wrong airport because I hadn’t checked it.  Then last summer, I mixed up my departure time by a 1/2 hour – oopsie!) because I was foggy on the whole airplane take off time and my heart skipped a beat.  I started all of the calculating and my heart skipped a few more beats.  So, while I wanted to come home and do nothing Tuesday night, #cloneAmy was smart and two loads of laundry are now finished.

Last night I completed my packing list and started an epic fashion show – party of me.  I tried on everything I planned on wearing down there.  Very wise #cloneAmy.  I found a bunch of things in the packing pile that were not vacation friendly (gotta leave room for some bloat) not to mention I vaguely remembered it was going to be warm.  I checked and it’s going to be quite a bit warmer than anticipated – more items in the do not take pile!

Don’t you worry – I just finished solidifying Simon’s care taking plans so #cloneAmy isn’t going to go all Skynet on everyone.  I’m fairly proud of #cloneAmy – me, at this point and just need to pull this all together.  A trip to the store for last minute items, gassing up the ol’ VW, picking up meds and putting the packables in the suitcase.  Oh and sleep.  Hmmm… seems like a lot more now that I type it out… insert some panic…

ron swanson tells my running story

I’m not going to lie… I’m damn proud of myself.

While on vacation, I ran every day but two.  I even ran the day I left for WA before my flight!  One of the days I didn’t run was because we had wedding set up but I was able to incorporate a 2.5 mile walk throughout the day.  Success.  The other day was my travel back to MI day (which took 17 hours by the way – I also used ALL forms of transportation.  A car, a ferry, a train and a plane.  I really love my family.)  Were the runs exceptional?  Nope.  In fact some of them were pretty rough but I did them and it was what I needed to start kicking my buns in gear.

ron recognizes my awesomeness

I wanted to do a longer run so I decided to run from my sister’s house to her work.  The trip was going to be about 6 miles and my original plan was to run back to her house after we had lunch.  I know, I am not sure how I worked running after eating in my brain and spoiler, running back didn’t happen.  Anyway, I set out.  I left about 11:30, which was later than I intended but still was enough time to meet my sister at 12:45 pm.  It was cooler temps, *75 so I didn’t think I needed to bring water.  Why do I do this?!  Have I not learned my lesson by now?  It’s freakin’ sunny and makes it even warmer.  Ugh.

Naturally, I got lost.  There was a trail that would have made this run very scenic, cooler and 6 miles.  It is also less complicated.  However, I somehow turned the trail into the old highway and followed that instead.  I kept taking wrong turns and stopping to ask drivers for directions.  Funny thing is, people drive kind of fast on old highways so getting people to stop was tougher than I considered.

The first car I got to stop was lost as well.  They offered me a ride but I declined.  A) they were lost too, so would this really help?  B) if they were kidnappers, I don’t think I could fend off 3 people.  The next car that stopped was an older gentleman.  He also offered me a ride, along with accurrate directions and I declined that offer as well.

I continued to run.  I flagged down another truck after a while because it didn’t seem like I was going in the right direction.  Oh and get this, I had written the directions down to my sister’s office on a post it AND WAS CARRYING IT!  You know what?  This doesn’t help when you aren’t on the correct street to begin with.  Anyway, guy in truck barely slowed down so apprantely I look like a serial killer and he just yelled directions to me.

my serial killer smile?

By this time, I was frustrated, tired, hot and crazy thirsty.  I was also running out of time.  I ran another mile and half and finally came to a plant nursery that I thought I could call my sister from to come pick me up.  A woman in an expensive car (this will come into play) stopped and I asked her for directions.  She said, “do you want a ride?”.  I accepted.  I realize this isn’t proper runner protocol.  Heck, I realize accepting rides from strangers isn’t any type of proper protocol but I was done.  She was very nice and drove me my sister’s dental office… except it was the wrong one.  I felt bad so I went into the wrong one and asked to call their competion (my sister’s) and they kindly took pity on me.  They also gave me some water.  The expensive car part?  Well, I left that leather seat SWEATY!  I felt so bad so I tried to slide my butt across the seat to kind of mop it up.  Nope.  Didn’t really help.  Sorry nice lady!

did this work to distract your attention? I did the same thing to nice lady but I don’t remember what I said… maybe I just held some intense eye contact… great… now I’m the creeper…

My sister really enjoyed this story, as did my neice.  As has everyone else I’ve told it to.  Hope you did too.  All in all, I got 7 miles in that day.  I called it a win.  I also ate a super tasty sandwhich on the beach with my niece and sister and this compeltely overruled the option of running back.  Seriously, when are they going to invent a device to implant into my brain that will make sure I go in the right direction?  I get lost.all.the.time.

To conclude this post, I ran while on vacation.  I am fabulous.

a water-drinking fiend

I did some of the running yesterday.  It wasn’t pretty.  I might have had something to do with me laying around until 8:15 pm and then attempting to coax my muscles into actually moving.  I’m fairly certain those muscles had atrophied during my couch laziness.  Of course that means today‘s run will be off the charts amazing – right?

I have the next two days off.  This week is spring break and I decided taking two days vacation was a good idea.  I was wrong – it was a fantastic idea!  I have all kinds of plans for this weekend, some of which involve some crafty business and cleaning all the things in my apt.  There is a chance none of this will happen and I will exist in my sweatpants and a hoodie, snuggling my cat.  It really is 50/50 at this point but I’m headed into it with some motivation.  Fingers crossed I can use this motivation for the greater good!

Today is the beginning of Lent.  I took one of those Buzzfeed surveys titled, “what you should give up for Lent”.  The survey determination?  Television.

Yep, I don’t know how I feel about this.  First of all, how does Buzzfeed know me so well?!  I swear, they have spies everywhere!  Or maybe they work for the NSA –  this makes more sense in my brain.  Anyway, this is probably a really good idea.  I’m sure I would get a lot more done if I didn’t spend time in front of the boob-tube.  However, I don’t want to give up tv.  There I said it.  But I could scale my tv watching down.  I should think of a time limit… or something.  I shall ponder this.

Last year I gave up my snooze button.  This was remarkably difficult.  I want to give it a shot again this year.  I failed my first day but I shall not give up!  I’m so completely addicted to my snooze button.  I set 3 alarms because I am this dependent on it.  I’ve read the science-y articles that say hitting snooze is detrimental to feeling awake but in the morning when I’m all warm and cozy it’s difficult to believe said science-y articles.

I also like to do things that are beneficial for Lent.  I guess the snooze button falls under this and I have a one or two other ideas that I’m hoping to put into action.

I got to pick these nummies up today!  Wahoo!

girl scout cookiesYou can bet your sweet bippy I tore into these about .03 seconds after I picked them up.  It would have been sooner but I figured stuffing my face with cookies in front of others would be less than appetizing.  I’m probably going to alienate many with this admission, nevertheless here is a truth about me:  I can’t stand Thin Mints.

Last and this is going to be TMI… I peed 10x yesterday!  This is huge for me!  To be honest, this is sometimes more than I pee in TWO days, let alone one.  I definitely have an issue with hydrating.  Today, I’m already on my third water bottle (24 oz) so I am very proud of myself.

 What are you proud of yourself for?

 Are you a Girl Scout cookie fan?  Which kind. 

I had a dope time, yo

While I guarantee I will be referring to my weekend again in future posts I think this will be the last in the Dopey series (1, 2, 3, 4).  I’m sure you want to thank me for moving onto a different subject matter.


I’m really happy I took on this challenge.  It was a huge confidence boost and brought back many of those “I love running” feelings that can sometimes get lost in a majorly long training cycle.  Yes, I started rebuilding my foundation back in May or June and then started training around July.  Those are some long months!

all the medals!
all the medals!

Here are some of the highlights:

1.  Met Amanda from Too Tall Fritz!  Well, ambushed her actually but those are just semantics

a celebrity siting!
a celebrity siting!

2.  Went over to Animal Kingdom lodge where I had my tasty mouse head waffle and checked out the animals.  It’s great – you can see some of the animals you would see on the safari tour without having to go to the Animal Kingdom park.

giraffes are the best
giraffes are the best

3.  Discovered the Mickey head ice cream sandwich.  Also very good and cute to boot.

this was very good regardless of the shape!
this was tasty regardless of the shape!

4.  Disney kind of slacked on the Dopey merchandise and early expo attendees wiped them out of the stock they did have (I mean in about 4 hours).  They had tech shirts left but I wasn’t interested since I already had one.  I finally found a light sweatshirt from Raw Threads, which I love.  Also in Downtown Disney Hanes has a design your own shirt so I created a long sleeve Dopey one.  It was super speedy and they have a ton of different characters.  Disney did come through afterward though and I found a (cotton) shirt online and yes, I already ordered it.

the sweatshirt is from raw threads
the sweatshirt is from raw threads
this is the shirt I made!
this is the shirt I made!

5.  I took advantage of the fun atmosphere.  Disney races are geared toward all-level athletes and it is a good time with no pressure – well, aside from the pressure you place on yourself!

my namesake restaurant in downtown disney!
my namesake restaurant in downtown disney!

6.  The race snacks weren’t anything extravagant but they did have these rice chips and little things of cheese.  This became the absolute yummiest thing in the entire world.

dopey snacks7.  Running in costume is so fun!  People are so freakin’ creative and I loved seeing what everyone came up with.  Mine was fairly simple but thanks to Sparkle Athletic, Running Skirts, Pro Compression, Aspaeris and some RockTape, I was running in style.

cleaning my costume in my room - much better than being all smelly
cleaning my costume in my room – much better than being all smelly

8.  It was warm.

beautiful view and no snow!
beautiful view and no snow!

9.  I’m obsessed with all things Dopey.  Luckily, I didn’t let this overtake my pocket-book but it was close!

dopey is just so cute!
dopey is just so cute!

10.  Iced mochas are tough to come by outside of the parks.  There aren’t coffee shops in the resorts, which really surprised me.  So future race attendees not visiting parks, you can score a good (naturally expensive) espresso drink right outside of the ticket areas of Epcot.  You do have to go through bag check but then it’s fairly close.  For me, it was totally worth the cash!

my view from the coffee hut
my view from the coffee hut

11.  I’m not quite sure on how much money I spent but doing a Disney race certainly isn’t the cheapest option when it comes to racing.  As I was walking to Epcot after the marathon, a security guard asked me if I would be returning next year.  I told him, to ask me after my body had recovered!  Honestly, I won’t be back next year.  There are a lot of other races I want to do and Disney kind of saps my race budget.  Nevertheless, I am so happy I could take advantage of this opportunity and was actually able to save for it!

I so wanted to keep this space blanket... but I didn't
I so wanted to keep this space blanket… but I didn’t

10.  Simon has decided I can’t go anywhere for a good long while.

dopey simonI am so grateful for this experience!  I’m grateful for all of the support, encouragement and confidence from all of you and my other friends and family.  There were times when those “you got this” were what kept me going!  Thank you!

back in the game

Whenever I take a break from blogging, it feels harder to get back into it… It’s like my brain has forgotten how to function in this creative medium.  This is my attempt to jump-start my brain!

Yay! for vacations!  My original plan was to blog while I was home visiting fam but there simply wasn’t time.  I spent every waking moment chatting, laughing, sometimes crying, drinking coffee, laughing some more, eating, being out and about and LIVING.  It was wonderful.

vacation is tough
vacation is tough

Here are a few highlights and things about my family that I love!

1.  I really do come from one of the most beautiful places on earth.  I forget until I am home for a visit (or I actually think about it) how magnificent the PNW is.  Here are a couple of views from the day we went to Hurricane Ridge (local), which is part of the Olympic Mountains.  Yes, this IS my back yard.

hurricane ridge2.  Sometimes I forget how awesome it is that my family is  touchy-feely.  Please don’t read this wrong – it isn’t anything weird.  Rather, when one of my family members walks by they might rub your back or give you a hug or just touch your arm.  It’s not every time but it is very comforting.  They say personal touch and cuddling has healing powers and I firmly believe this.  Babies who aren’t touched from birth have developmental and emotional issues.  So seriously, go out and give someone a little squeeze today!

starfish - ridge3.  We are a FUNNY family!

naturally strawberry mojitos belong in GIANT mason jars
naturally strawberry mojitos belong in GIANT mason jars

4.  A “German moment”  can be anything that reminds us of our childhood.  Sometimes it’s running late and sometimes it’s making really bad puns.  This goes along with #3

5.  I got to get to know my brother’s girlfriend so much better on this trip!  We talked a lot about men, work and what I am going to do when I go visit them in Paris.  Yes, this will include eating a lot of bread and riding a bike.  With a basket.  And being all sophisticated… or something!

I'm not sure France will let me in... btw, this is my "elder wand" yo!
I’m not sure France will let me in… btw, this is my “elder wand” yo!

6.  My niece and nephew are now adult-ish.  It’s so weird!  My niece is 19 and my nephew is 17.  I spent some major quality time with both of them.  They still call me “Auntie Amy” (which I will always insist on!) and they are simply amazing people.  Oh yeah, and my nephew gave me a big hug – even in front of his other 17 year old buddies!  I must be cool.

I taught my niece how to make smores over the stove!
I taught my niece how to make smores over the stove!

7.  I discovered a new place!  It’s a local beach where the rocks are ROUND!  Wait, scratch that – SPHERES!  I dubbed them “alien rocks”.  Pictures to come!

during our search for the alien rocks
during our search for the alien rocks

8.  Even though we were running around doing things and hanging out, I had the opportunity to have conversations with my family on an individual basis.  I am so grateful for this.

paige and me

9.  When I am home, I am Maggie’s favorite

yes, maggie is the dog
yes, maggie is the dog

10.  A run – with no humidity?!  With a cool breeze?!  Constant hills?!  Okay, except for the last one, it was perfect!  As I’ve mentioned, my dad maps out the HILLIEST routes!

11.  My grandma made me kidney bean salad – sooo yummy!

12.  My dad found a bunch of old pics and we went through them the last day I was there.  They were great!  We also told stories about my mom the entire trip.  Sometimes this was sad and other times hysterical.  Both help though, you know?

my bro called this "hard-boiled siblings" and yes, we are wearing matching shoes!
my bro called this “hard-boiled siblings” and yes, we are wearing matching shoes!

Of course, it all passed by too quickly.  There are times when I regret moving half way across the country because I feel my heart is split in two.  I have friends and family in both areas and when it comes time to leave either it just sucks.  We need to invent teleporting NOW!

Simon gave me a lovely homecoming with kitty-hugs and snuggling.  My friend’s baby was supposed to arrive while I was gone but he waited for me!  After almost missing my last flight to Grand Rapids, MI because I was asleep at the gate, I made it back in one piece and hit the deck running for work.  Phew!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

mini vegas recap

Yay!  I’m back!

First of all, I am practically jumping for joy considering my internet has been down now for TWO *%#!* WEEKS!  Great balls of fire, this was annoying!  Thankfully, I was gone for a week of that time but still, it has been so irritating.  I just wanted to pin and write!

Seriously though, I am happy to home.  I had a blast in Vegas but my waste line, my liver and my wallet would not be able to survive long-term there.  I understand people who live there don’t party it up every night and maybe if I spent longer than a week there, I wouldn’t have either.  However, let’s just say, I took advantage of what Vegas had to offer!

Here are some of my pictures:

two of my super ugly views - one from the vdara and one from palms place
two of my super ugly views – one from the vdara and one from palms place
breakfast of champions, yo!  this included creme brulee (best flavor ever) and chocolate frozen yogurt
breakfast of champions, yo! this included creme brulee (best flavor ever) and chocolate frozen yogurt
this combo might look odd but it was fab - sour cream, relish and tomatoes.  eat one, now!
this combo might look odd but it was fab – sour cream, relish and tomatoes. eat one, now!
a cupcake too pretty to eat?  almost... but I managed to choke down this triple chocolate bit of heaven!
a cupcake too pretty to eat? almost… but I managed to choke down this triple chocolate bit of heaven!

All in all it was a great trip.  I really did get some good work done and attended quite a few quality sessions.  I got to see one of my old friends/co-workers and got to know a few co-workers all the better.  I even ran twice!  Maybe not an epic number but considering alcohol was a main staple in my diet, I was fairly happy with it!

it's me getting ready to run!
it’s me getting ready to run!

Also, let me say… the FOOD!  Wow!  I hit four different buffets – the dinner and breakfast buffets at the Aria were two of them.  At dinner, one of my favorite things was (get this) the fish from the fish and chips.  Oh!  And the mac and cheese – so good!  They also probably had some of the best bacon I have ever tasted.  I wanted to stuff pounds of it in my purse!  We also ate at a sushi buffet called, Todai and whoa – delish.  I tried several different things that I ordinarily would have snubbed my nose at.  Of course I can’t remember what they were called but still, it was fantastic.  Finally, we ate at the Caesar’s buffet and this was the best from the bunch.  My favorite thing was the sweet potato tots – YUM!  But of course I loaded up on seafood at each one and tried duck (not my fave), crawfish (very good) and plenty of other things.  That is definitely the best part about a buffet – you can try so much that you might not want to pay straight up for.

However, we ate dinner one night at Sage (located in the Aria).  We chose the Chef option menu and there is a lighter (read less expensive) option before 7 pm.  We both chose this and while I never would have put any of the flavors together it was probably one of the best meals I have ever eaten.  There was a pear and brussel sprout salad – love.  Then a chicken dish with parsnips and for dessert a pineapple concoction.  Apparently the chef liked us because we started the meal with some sort of duck mixture (this one I liked) and ended the meal with basically a little shot of hot chocolate and peanut butter – it smelled like a chocolate and peanut butter cookie.  We used it to wash down this

two of us shared this... potent business friends
two of us shared this… potent business friends

Then it was on to the show Absente!  It’s adult only – and really it’s a comedy show mixed with Cirque de Sole mixed with… I don’t even know.  But it was great!

Of course being in Vegas meant I had to bet on my Zags!

me and my "bookie"!
me and my “bookie”!

Unfortunately, I bet to beat the point spread.  While I am happy they won by 20 points, I only needed them to make ONE MORE BASKET and I would have won a whopping $18.00!  Haha, yeah, I’m not the biggest gambler.

Great vaca and happy to be home.  My little fuzzy buddy missed me and I need a nap like it’s nobody’s business.  Because of situations like this…

one of our new friends from san diego - they loved us and proceeded to buy us alcohol
one of our new friends from san diego – they loved us and proceeded to buy us alcohol

Can’t wait to catch up on all of my blog reading!  I missed you all!

some vaca pics!

Whewww!  I’m currently HURTING today!  I took a “red-eye” flight back from WA last night and everything was jacked from the beginning.  My dad and I hit major festival traffic going over to Seattle making the trek about 3 and half hours.  I got to the airport and my tickets wouldn’t print.  Turns out there had been a change in my flight – no worries, since it would get me to Chicago earlier.  Well, we were delayed since someone forgot to file a flight plan (whhaaa???) so I got in late.  On the plane, I was put in an exit row, which sounded amazing but the woman in the middle seat kept stealing my leg room.  NOT okay with this!  Sleep was a bit hard to come by and then I had to BOOK it to the train into the city.  From there I climbed Mt. Everest the stairs up to Clinton St (haha, they didn’t have an elevator – eek!) and made it to Union Station in record time.  Oh yeah, there was a freak rain shower on the way there!  I managed to grab some breaky/coffee and race back down to my train, which left about 2 mins later!  Yep, this little comedy of errors seemed out of control at the time and kind of on the stressful/exhausting side but ultimately, I made it back to my furry little guy, Simon.

All in all, I had a fantastic time home with my family.  I never stopped running from activity to activity, seeing friends and family and of course some shopping with my sister, Heidi :)  Here are some fun pics

bananas don’t travel well
oh yeah – just ran a wee little ways ;)
got to spend a day and a half with these cutie “goils”! Sarah and I have been besties since before 1st grade and these are her little ones!
worked on my photobombing skillzzz – this is my super radical grandma!
discovered a little slice of heaven called “a wine walk”
played tourist in my hometown – this is on the pier facing port angeles
the slug – the PNW’s official, umm… creature
had me a bit o’ spumoni – delish!
yeah… the height totally skipped me! these are two of my fave little “big” kiddies and they are only 16!
my second mom and niece at my mom’s memorial bbq
heid and I taking a break from making corn dogs at the party to pose all pretty
why YES, that is a horse head in my bed! my dad is a bit twisted and we do love our movies! I laughed so hard when I went to bed that night and found it, along with a note that said I had been “warned” by the mafia ;)

Haha, there you have it – a bit of my life/vaca in a nutshell!  Actually, I left out a huge chunk – CrossFit.  But that will be tomorrow and I don’t have any pictures of the carnage workouts.  I do want to give you my little review though so stop back!  OHHH!  And of course some pics of my treasures I brought back with me!












see jane run 1/2 recap

Great scott!  Sorry for the MEGA disappearing act!  I’ve been trying to tweet once a day but I haven’t had a chance to do any posts since I got left for vacation.  I am currently here in Port Angeles, WA with my family and seriously, I have no idea how it became FRIDAY already!  What the hay?!  I feel like I just flew in the other day but I only have two more days here.  Crazy!

There is so much to report!  But I want to start with the See Jane Run 1/2 marathon.  This past Saturday, my dad, sister and I headed to Seattle (about 2 and half hours away from PA).  We hit up the expo, which wasn’t huge but did have a delish taste-test of Barefoot’s new pink moscato champagne – YUM!  I bought a bright pink sweatshirt and then we headed out to walk around for a bit.  I bought my first pair of Tom’s – red! – (my dad thinks they are hideous!) and we went in search of the start line.  It was tough to find :)

I convinced my dad I needed to carb up and we went to The Old Spaghetti Factory.  We used to go here as a family all the time when I was younger and it brought back great memories!

a little chicken parm and noodles!

Afterward, we drove to a family friend’s to spend the night.  Alex was fostering a kitty, and he has been rehabilitating him for a few days.  The kitty’s name was Manny and the poor guy was in rough shape :(  He had been neglected and then finally dropped off at the shelter when there didn’t seem to be much hope for him.  But Alex took great care of him and Manny warmed up to my sister and I right away!  He had quite the way with the ladies!

Manny broke and stole my heart! The little guy seemed to respond to Heidi and I and he slept at the end of our bed

We got up very early and all headed back downtown to the start line, which was at Gas Works Park.  Okay, remember how excited I was about the cooler temps?!  Wow!  I must have wished pretty hard because it was CHILLY!  A friend from Michigan was in town for a conference and he stopped down to say hello before the race started – it was so fun to see him!  My dad and sister had dropped me off in order to hit up some breakfast and find parking.  The race started at 8 am but due to the volume of runners they started us in waves.  I probably got running around 8:10 am or so and the wave start was much appreciated.

The course was “relatively flat” according to Seattle standards!!  But seriously, it wasn’t as bad as it could be but there were a couple of STEEP hills!  As in tsunami evacuation route steep hills!  I saw my dad and sister around mile 4 and I was sooo happy to see them!  I was getting kind of tired and they totally perked me up!

intense running face
then I saw my “fans” and got really excited!!

After seeing dad and Heidi, I started running pretty quick!  As in 9 min mile quick!  I know!  What was I thinking?!  Haha, I slowed it down a little and kept pushing through.  Then my dad and sister caught up with me again!  Yay!  I think it was around mile 6 or 7 and then again around mile 9.  There were a couple of out and backs and each time I saw my fam cheering for me, I felt rejuvenated.  It was AMAZING!  No one in my family has ever seen me run a race and we all really enjoyed it!

super awesome spectators – dad and sister, Heidi! wahooooooo!


The last out and back were miles 10-12.  This was tough.  I was getting tired and I knew the turn around was somewhere up ahead since women were running toward me but it felt like it took forever to get there.  I was struggling some but didn’t give up.  While I did walk through water stops, I never walked on the course or “breaked” at water stations.  Going into the race, I felt a bit unprepared since I had taken time off during moving so I was nervous.  I was very proud of myself!  Oh!  They had Nuun on the course and I became a believer!  I took one GU in the first half of the race and then only relied on Nuun at stations.


pushing through!

Yes, my sister is a GREAT race photographer!  Haha, I’m sure she is available for bookings :)  I was definitely tired when I crossed the finish line.  I finished in 2:23 and while this not my best time, I am celebrating finishing and finishing strong!

here is the first pic after I finished – haha, yes, I was TIRED!
seriously – why don’t they ALWAYS have champagne at the end of races?!


the hoarder in me wants to keep this sign my dad and sis made forever… but I’m going to settle for a pic instead :)

I really liked this race!  Everyone was so nice, I met some other women while waiting in line for the porta-potties (huge shocker in a women-only race the lines were LONG!) and running in cooler weather was fab!  They had a lot of water/Nuun stations and it was fairly well-marked.  The See Jane Run company has a very inspirational message (they call it their “manifesto” – check it out!) and it was printed on the start/finish line.  I read it right before the horn sounded and it gave me a boost.  We also got a cute tech t-shirt, a recycled grocery bag and the goodies at the end of the race.  I would do it again!

the medal is tiny but the engraved champagne glass is neato so I guess I can be okay with the small bling