good ideas and bad ideas

It’s been a weekend of both good and bad ideas.  Of course being me, I have followed through on both – you know, just for balance and all.  I shall chronicle them for you below:

1.  Good idea:  I saw an angel food cake mix that was funfetti!  My level of excitement was high – yay!

1b.  Bad idea:  I had no idea angel food cake as so temperamental!  These turned out  – well, I should rephrase, these didn’t turn out.

here are the "crap"cakes... seriously, not fit for public consumption
here are the “crap”cakes… seriously, not fit for public consumption

2.  Bad idea:  My plumbing decided to go on the fritz this weekend.  Both my toilet and sink were uncooperative.  Somewhere along the line I didn’t buy a plunger – whaaa?

2b.  Good idea:  Since my car is still not working, I decided to walk to Target.  Turns out this little walk was a 7 mile round trip.  Goodness – I didn’t even know my legs still worked.

don't worry little orange bug, we shall be united soon!
don’t worry little orange bug, we shall be united soon!

3.  Bad idea:  Going to target when I was kind of bummed about being without my fam was not a wise choice… $80 later I had myself an Easter basket

the chucks were not a "bandwagon" purchase... I've been wearing them since 6th grade
the chucks were not a “bandwagon” purchase… I’ve been wearing them since 6th grade


pinterest convinced me I needed a chambray shirt and I got those shoes for $10!
pinterest convinced me I needed a chambray shirt and I got those shoes for $10!

3b.  Good idea:  At least all of the above treasures can be worn in a variety of ways.  I would definitely classify these as wardrobe staples.

4.  Good idea:  I found these ever so pretty pink Tom’s and I really think they should be on my feet


4b.  Actually another good idea:  Since I’ve been on the fail side of working out lately, I decided to use these as my inspiration/motivation.  I will order them if I stick to my workouts for the week.  Yep, starting out small – just one week of success!

There are more but these were the highlights.  As much as I wish the weekend wouldn’t end, it’s been a bit of a lonely one so it will be nice to get back into the swing of things.  Not to mention, this week is just a sustain week as far as meds go and it automatically will be easier than last week.  And the start of April!  I’m looking forward to putting March in my rear view and embracing a new month.  I hope you all had a nice Easter (if you celebrate) or simply a relaxing weekend!

weekend recap

I’m finally on the road to health!  I’ve been sick for the last week and it’s really getting old.  I’ve only worn pants with an actual waste band like 3 times and my bum may or may not have put a permanent imprint on the couch.  Almost too hot to handle, eh?

On Friday night I had a date with some of my ladies.  We were going to head for a mexican fiesta and I almost canceled.  But one friend drove from out of town so I packed a couple of tissues and headed out into a snow storm.  Then I partook in one of these

It was a really good time despite the fact my friends asked me why I was crying during the middle of our conversation.  I wasn’t but I was just a hot mess.  After dinner I continued to use sound judgement when I decided to join in some outdoor hot tubing and this

The hot tub time was quality although if you remember I mentioned the snow storm?  I love being in a hot tub when it’s raining or snowing but my hair was literally frozen.  I have never had that happen before!

I’m not sure if it’s an old wive’s tale that if you go out with a wet head you can get sicker but sicker I got.  So, how did I make myself feel better?

a movie and meds of course!

Yay!  Super excited this movie finally came out!  I know, I know, some of you are rolling your eyes but I’m from Vampire Country so I feel kind obliged to celebrate this saga.  Here’s the thing, I’m fairly sure Stephenie Meyer (the author of the Twilight series) probably came to the Pacific Northwest and was literally STUNNED by the whiteness of our skin.  And BAM!  The idea struck to write about vampires.  This is just a theory of course but I’m pretty confident it went something like that.  (Btw, that link takes you to the ACTUAL way Meyer came up with the storyline although I’m still convinced I’m right)

Real quick – why are meds so hard to open?!  I mean, I understand the packages have to be child-proof but seriously, do they have to be amy-proof as well?

those weren't even the pills I was trying to get to

If there is a child out there who could open these then I should get one.  This took me forever and a day.  Oh and I decided to take both at the same time – another mistake.  I nearly had to Heimlich myself! (in trying to learn how to spell “heimlich” I learned the doc and I share the same birthday!  Yay!  I think this means I will never choke… or something.)  After I drugged myself up good, I made Simon help keep me warm.  Winter has decided to return to MI and it was very cold this weekend.  Then the little traitor decided to ditch me for a warmer source

the NERVE!

I also had an epiphany this weekend.  I haven’t been sleeping well this last week and half.  I’m not sure if it’s related to my cold or not but I have had me some VIVID dreamin’!  Great scott – and then half of the time I don’t even fall asleep for hours.  I realized this could be the culprit and I’m a bit broken hearted

sad day folks, caramel chai is tasty :(

I also bought a truckload of fruits and veggies yesterday to try and see if I can healthify my insides a bit.  Clearly, my body hasn’t been strong enough to kick some germ ass so I need to really beef up my attempts to stay healthy.

be still my beating heart

I’m not going to lie, I am grateful avocados are considered healthy because I’ve had a craving ever since the Super Bowl when everyone and their mother were talking about guac.  I needed me some GUAC!  The pastry blender is my mini secret weapon – it does a fantastic job of mushing up the avocados without an exessive amount of work on my part.  This lil’ kitchen tidbit probably isn’t new to anyone else but in case someone out there has never done it then maybe I saved you a bit of elbow grease.  I also just use the McCormick seasoning packet because it’s good and I wanted guacamole now :)

Also, another handy gadget?

this sucker ROCKS!

One of my staff members gave this to me for my birthday.  During the Super Bowl I was concentrating on the commercials and practically sliced my finger off, ha!  So, this was my present

it works!

It’s amazing!  I love it and am certain it will make me buff-er in no time

Tomorrow I’m going to make some Valentine sweets for my staff.  I found this nifty heart shaped pan so I am going to make either brownie or cake conversation hearts.  I also have to head out for a run tomorrow.  I don’t have time to dink around anymore with training and besides, I alway feel better after I’m done… getting out there is just the hard part.  So, keep your fingers crossed for me!