I love lists

I know it seems a little cliché to write my first post back in a million years on New Year’s Eve.  Oh well.  I’ve attempted a couple of posts in the last few days but they were all too involved.  I need to split some of this business up or you would be reading for about 10 hours!

Naturally, I have no idea where to start.  So, I’ll do a list.  I never realized how much I love lists until I started writing this blog.  Here we go:

1. I’m currently hanging out in my own place!  Yay!  I somehow got a sweet deal in an incredibly tough rental market in my home town.  I’m not kidding – it’s nuts.  Lack of availability means rent is large and in charge for so many places.  Not to mention, many places are run through renting agencies which require you to make three times your rent on a monthly basis.  Hahahahaha (this is a crazed laugh, can you tell??).  Again, I thank my lucky stars that a) I’m persistent and b) that things worked in my favor.

2. I also got an amazing deal on a set of furniture!  I love it when a plan comes together!

Simon-cat has claimed this chair for his very own. I put a blanket over it as to limit cat hair transfer. Today is the first day I’ve sat in it – no wonder he loves it!

3. My house is right next door to my dad’s house so I was able to bootleg enough internet for my LuLaRoe business but other than that, I didn’t have access for THREE WEEKS due to connectivity problems.  I watched Twilight, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter over and over again.

4. LuLaRoe.  Since my job search has not been fruitful, LuLaRoe is my source of income.  Being my own boss and having my own business is both neato and terrifying!  As a new consultant, it takes time to build a customer base, inventory, along with revamping my business plan over and over again.  This results in waking up to panic attacks in the middle of the night!  HOWEVER, I have already met some fun people and am looking forward to continuing this journey.  Not to mention, I am enjoying this business a lot!  Although a job would be helpful!  Just keeping it truthful here.

in this case the stress is real!

5. More LuLaRoe.  I love the clothes!  My sister had to tell me “stop shopping your inventory!”  Haha, seriously though, so many treasures!  Not to mention, when women (those are my current customers) try the clothes on the delight in their eyes is fantastic.  One woman swore off dresses many moons ago.  She put on the Carly dress and LOVED it!  First dress in forever and she bought it 10 minutes after trying it on and looking in the mirror.  It’s an amazing feeling to be a part of these moments.

6. I was doing well in the fitness realm in August, September and the first two weeks of October.  I was walking about every other day and even running!  My bum knee was responding in a positive way!  Then life took over and my routine fell by the wayside.  I will say, I ran a Turkey Trot with my sister and I was able to run a heck of a lot more of it than I thought I could.  That being said, the aforementioned anxiety and work load has led to some additional weight loss while no longer sticking to the walking/running.  I’ll get in the zone with LuLaRoe and forget to eat.  For the record, I don’t forget to eat.  Ever.  I always thought this was a silly phrase and perhaps a fake phenomenon.  Nope.  It does happen.  I’ve reached my goal weight, although I think I need to reinvigorate my walking/running since forgetting to eat isn’t the healthiest weight loss method nor one that I can count on to keep the pounds off.  I mean, I’m starting to remember to eat (a positive thing for sure).

sister dear and I taking a running break for a picture!

7. Overhauling my life has been more complicated than I ever would’ve imagined.  There will be posts on this all on their own.  While I knew it would be a tough and interesting transition, this information was processed in the practical/logical part of my brain, rather than the emotional-feely part of the brain/heart/spiritual side.  Like I said, more posts to come on this since I do enjoy processing.  Also, it was ABSOLUTELY the right choice!

I love this quote

8. Happy New Year!  I don’t make New Year resolutions anymore.  Some of the items or goals I mentioned above are things I’ve already been working on and need to get more assertive in making them a reality.  I recognize many people see it as a fresh start but I consider to be this marker.  So, I have another month and 3 days to my “new year” and I’m going to continue to work on my goals and work through the transitions.

how can I fail when I have dairy on my side?! (p.s. Buzzfeed lists are the best – they do love to put together lists of unfortunate mistakes while adding some comentary)

Off to take photos of new inventory!  My blog page is getting more traffic than my LuLaRoe page and it’s reminded me how much I love to write!  Happy New Year everyone!


fangirling & more

Yesterday I watched some of the Boston Marathon – so amazing!  One of my former Ragnar teammates ran and she kicked some booty!  It is just so freakin’ inspiring, I can’t even handle it.

It makes me want to RUN ALL THE MILES!  SIGN UP FOR ALL THE RACES!  DO ALL THE TRAINING!  In fact, last night I looked into a few fall marathons.  I have no idea what to pick, all I know is I want one on the calendar.  That and a 1/2 – it’s going to happen soon – there is no denying it.

Some positives after my headachy post…

Yesterday it was windy and rainy all day.  I loved it.  The sun never came out – just gray and wonderful.  I’ve noticed I am missing PNW-like weather more and more… I think it’s a sign.

Because of the aforementioned weather, I get to stretch some of my winter/fall wardrobe a little longer.  I dig it.  I love to layer.  In fact, I was talking to a co-worker last week and they were talking about all of the “elements” I wear.  I decided to adopt this word into my style vocabulary.  I like to wear a variety of elements.

Since the need to sign up for a 1/2 and a full is hitting me, I wonder if there is a giant surge in registrations across the country/globe after Boston.  Someone should do some research and get back to me – much obliged.

The Blerch looks at me everyday.  Everyone asks me what it is and it’s very hard to explain.  But it helps to keep me motivated.  Sometimes the motivation is to simply to get through a difficult work day, which is no small feat.  Good job Blerch.

blerch – reminding me to not give in!

I’ve lost some weight.  During the Whole 30 I dropped 9 or 10 lbs but I wasn’t sure if it was a lasting weight loss or simply a short term by-product of the drastic changes.  Now, a few months later, I can say it’s for real.  It’s a solid 10-12 lbs and I feel much better.  I’m shooting for 8 lbs more.  I once took a Self magazine health assessment deal to find my “healthy weight”.  I was certain it would be higher than my weight at the time, 125 lbs.  Nope.  It said I should be around 110.  Yikes.  Naturally, I tried to get down to 110.  After a surgery, I managed it.  However, this is not a healthy weight for me.  Despite being a shorty, I’m not structurally built to maintain a 110 lbs and still eat, run – all that jazz.  Lesson?  Don’t take those assessments in “health” mags.  A couple of lifestyle changes I took with me were measuring my coffee additions every morning, gluten-free, A LOT more protein, actually cooking meals and reading labels.

I thought there was more of a point to this post.  Oh well.  Running on the docket for this eve, although it will be some inside miles since it is cold and windy outside and I don’t feel like freezing my buns.  I’ll leave with this pic of Simon.  He was giving me the ol’ ‘you don’t give enough attention’ look yesterday.  Yep, my poor chubby bunny of a cat totally suffers from lack of attention!

silly cat
silly cat

a shark, a pie crust and stuffing walking into a bar…

Happy Thanksgiving!  A few days late for sure, but I feel the sentiment can be true for the duration of the weekend.

why didn’t I think of this for my bug?!

I had a nice thanksgiving-you?  I managed to keep it gluten-free, which was a lot more challenging than I originally anticipated.  Shopping was stressful as I mentioned & while I was making the stuffing I truly wanted to call it off & give into the gluten!  Just use those perfect breadcrumbs to bind this all together for a magical Thanksgiving feast.

But I refrained. I cut up a loaf of gluten-free bread & dried the bread crumbs.  FYI if you ever do this then give it longer than you think.  I ended up putting them in the oven at 200-250 degrees to finish drying them out.  Overall, my stuffing wasn’t as good as it has been in the past but it will be a work in progress.

my sister and dear friend both posted this on my fb page - obviously they know my hatred for this word
my sister and dear friend both posted this on my fb page – obviously they know my hatred for this word

Turkey?  Kicked some seriously tasty ass<— weird sentence but totally true.  And I used a carving technique I saw on Facebook.  Funny enough things I didn’t consider-dull knives are a danger!  So are my “knife skills”.  Great Scott, I almost took out my spleen.  Then there was the lack of mention of how to avoid burning my finger tips off or the RIVER of turkey of fat/juices that managed to overrun my counter top!  All of this aside, it was a very handy method & I will use it again in the future.  It made me feel all Food Network-like.

When my sister offered advice on how not to get overwhelmed with my new thanksgiving diet, she told me to pinpoint what recipes were important for my feast and concentrate on those.  Pumpkin pie was certainly on this list.  I decided crafting my own pie crust was key since Pillsbury has yet to jump on the gluten-free train.  I waited though & finally did it last night – or at least made the dough.  It has been chilling in my fridge as I’ve read this is really helpful.  I also heard from various interweb master pie crust makers that using a combo of water/vodka is the way to go.  Someone even suggested vanilla vodka for a sweeter taste.  My next venture will be to try this one out.  The other pie crust is going to be used for turkey pot pie-currently in the works.

cheers B-Dubs

And then I purchased a Shark vacuum. Yay!  I get ridiculously excited for new appliances & this one didn’t disappoint.  The other night I vacuumed my living room & realized every time I vac with my big vac I have to go back over it with my mini one too in order to pick up Simon’s hair.

I broke out the new bad boy 10 mins after getting home & it was super great!  Excitement abounds!

Restful weekend filled with TV, laundry, baking & even a bit of working out. Oh & the Whole30 results?  I lost 10lbs.  I’m slightly concerned about maintaining this weight loss so now it’s time to add in some physical activity as I am getting better with my food choices.  This remains to be seen…

P.S. Red Robin is the place to go for gluten-free eating.  They were amazing in a non-judgey way…  Enjoy the last of your weekend!

gluten free for meeeee!

I decided to air my Whole30 wrap up on day 30! I have no idea how I made it.  I have a bazillion and one thoughts on the topic so I tried to list the main ones.  Honestly, part of me despises saying this changed my life because it sounds hokey and I kind of wanted to debunk the whole thing.  But the title is fairly self-explanatory – no more gluten for this gal.

1. Cons

a) I’m still bitter with the authors (creators?) of the Whole30’s website.  They have a blurb in there how this isn’t “hard” that “childbirth is hard” along with other things that fall into this type of painful category.  BUT it was hard.  Sugar was one of my coping mechanisms.  Giving that up wasn’t all pina coladas.  So when I admitted to myself it WAS hard I felt kind of guilty about it.  Thankfully, even my friends who have given birth said they thought it would be tough.  So there, Whole30.

b) They also questioned my coffee and “why I need it”.  Because I do.  It brings me joy.  It reminds me of my sister and family.  It reminds me of WA.  It’s a lovely way to start the day.  I did not appreciate my love being questioned.

c) You will wash more dishes than you thought imaginable.

d) I am truly and completely sick of almond milk.  And I hated coconut milk.

e) Getting set up with the gluten free business isn’t cheap.  Oh and I’m one of those folks who now brings their own food to social gatherings.  Awesome.

2.  Worries

a) I know I’ve lost weight.  I’m scared that I will gain it all back.  I’m also nervous it won’t be as much as I was hoping!

b) I was SURE my stomach issues would be cured by the end of these 30 days.  I’m quite delusional and impatient.  Now I wonder if they will ever be fixed.

sing it

c) I am becoming one of those difficult people to feed in social gatherings.  I am going out to dinner twice this week and I looked up the menu both times.  I found options!  I don’t feel as carefree anymore though.

d) I feel like a poser.  I look at my grocery basket will all of the gluten free labels and I wonder if I’m just being silly.  Oh and grocery shopping is harder – NOT having massive amounts of stress would be helpful.  Seriously – did you know there is wheat in cream of mushroom soup?

3. Pros

a) Wahoooo!  I made it! (Okay one day early but no way in hell am going to screw this up!)

b)  I promise, I am not exaggerating when I say, I feel better emotionally and mentally.  My depression is milder, my ADD is better (I can focus!), some of the foggy brain has lifted – as much as possible with my epilepsy meds, I feel more alert and less fatigued on a daily basis.

it probably helps to listen to your body

c)  I haven’t had a headache in a month.

d) Meal planning is pretty nifty – even despite all of the dishes.  Considering the new lifestyle (WEIRD to say) I will continue to cook my little heart out.  I’ve found some really tasty treats that will continue in the rotation and thank goodness for pinterest.  I want to start making my own bread and I can’t wait to eat pancakes again!!

e)  I’m going to really try to keep the whole sugar thing under control  This kinda broke my sugar habit – just not my likeness for the treat!  One of the bigger changes was I used to be unable to get through the afternoon without some kind of chocolate.  I still like something sweet during this time (Auhmaze Balls anyone?!) – maybe a natural sugar.  But don’t worry, I’m not turning on my friends, I’m NOT sugar free!

f)  Ummm – I feel better?  Damn good reason right there.

As mentioned, FODMAP is next.  It is NOT paleo.  If my stomach can handle it, I get some rice!  And dairy!  And corn products – again, if my stomach likes it.  Legumes are the list of possibilities but I’m keeping those at bay for a while.  I’ll post more about it in a bit.  Even if I don’t have celiac I’ve got the good ol’ gluten sensitivity.  All of this is kind of a lot to take in since it’s a freakin’ life change.  There you go… Maybe the Whole30 isn’t for you and certainly no judgements from me!  But if you have any questions let me know!

1.  Whole30 – would you try it?

2.  Thoughts on gluten?



less is more

Day 23.  I officially have “completed” more days than I have left.  Yes, I realize we all know how math works but I’m so happy!  Essentially, it’s like the moment I hit mile 14 in the marathon while doing Dopey.  At that point I knew I could finish.  And as you know, (PSA), knowledge is power!

one of my prouder life moments
one of my prouder life moments

To be honest – I really felt this way last week around day 17.  It was nice to be a tad bit more than half way done.  As per my experience, my feelings are mixed on this Whole30 deal.  If you would like to read what I have so far, my posts are here, and here.   I refer to the timeline quite a bit on the Whole30 site as I found it to be fairly accurate.  Unfortunately, some pieces are still missing.

1.  Where is my mo’fo’ Tiger Blood?!  Seriously, I’m currently awaiting feeling like I have 20 thousand watts of energy coursing through my body.  I DO have more energy but I expected feeling like a bunny – bounding about in a meadow.  No bunny feelings here.  I’m a bit disappointed.

tiger blood
my bro-in-law sent me this so at least I could have a picture of my non-existent tiger blood

2.  Losing inches and weight is where it’s at man.  I was reading through a blog somewhere on the interwebs and they were writing that doing the Whole30 and eating paleo was a way to lose weight without doing any work.  Umm… no.  Yep, there is an initial weight loss from cutting sugar and it’s true I’ve yet to really work out, however, it has been work.  Maybe not in the way we usually think about it but still work.  Not to mention, I’m sure just like with any elimination diet, you can still gain weight due to portions.

3.  This weekend I went to a dear friend’s daughter’s first birthday.  Yay!  I was THAT person.  I brought my own pork chop for lunch as they were having pulled pork with bbq sauce.  I ate the veggies (thanks!)!  At cake time, I brought one of my breakfast “cookies” to help ward off some of sugar’s siren’s call.  We went out to dinner later that evening and brunch the next day and both times I went all When Harry Met Sally on them.  I felt like an idiot.  A high maintenance idiot at that.

4.  On my drive out of town, I stopped by McDonald’s for an ice coffee – black.  Along with my pork chop, I brought some almond milk.  I pulled up to the window and the handed me a cup of deliciousness, a.k.a. coffee with cream and sugar.  I’m not even kidding when a part of me ALMOST just took it and ran!  But I explained the error and a not-as-tasty coffee was passed along to me instead.  *Sigh*.

5.  Essentially, in times of stress or sadness, I still want to find comfort in food.  I thought this would have passed by now.

6.  My skin IS much clearer.  I hate it when other people are right.

7.  I suppose my sweet tooth has changed somewhat.  I gave one of my AUUUHHHMAZE Balls to my friend to taste and she was not terribly impressed (really kind of hated them).  To me they are the BEST!

8.  Meal planning is much easier.  It always seemed so daunting in the past but now that I’ve been doing it for three weeks, it’s better.  I cooked pork chops the other night, even.  Look at me!  I don’t feel as intimidated as I did before about cooking certain foods and I actually have some energy to put things together in the evening times.  Plus, I can look at something in the fridge and figure out a meal from those ingredients.

this is what it used to fee like

9.  It’s been a really good segway to the FODMAP diet.  I’ll be switching over to that when the Whole30 is over and it won’t require a terrible number of changes, which is nice.

10.  I certainly don’t think this is an easy process.  I’ve been having food dreams.  One night it was some chinese take out and another night a giant burger.  Last night it was some kind of coffee drink.  Then I wake up kind of freaked out that I blew it.

11.  I truly thought I was going to HAVE to cheat at some point in order to make it.  I’m happy I haven’t despite wanting to!  They don’t really mention too much about managing cravings  during women’s cycles and I think if they added some info it would be helpful.  That was a trying time for sure!

12. I don’t believe “I’ve got this in the bag” or that the remaining days will be all easy as pie – yum, PIE.  I’m determined though.  I am going to start making a menu for next week (aside from Thanksgiving, which still boggles my mind that it’s here) to make sure I don’t hover food for the sake of hovering.  Food is fuel only – right?!


juice me – the perks

Here are the perks!

*Some of the juice recipes are really good!  There is an app for the program so it’s fairly easy.  It costs $15.00 and it’s essentially a recipe book of juice drinks.  Even when this is over, I will utilize it.  Also, there are coaching videos and explanations of why I’m doing what I’m doing.

*I was certain this whole thing was going to cost me a chunk of change.  There were some start-up costs, a masticating juicer ($150), some hemp protein powder ($13) and fruits and veggies.  I purchased a few other items at the grocery store when I bought the fruits and veggies so in my mind it felt like this was spendy.  WAIT!  I went out to buy the fruits and veggies for the next 5 days or so and it was $30.  Whaaat?  Yeah, so it’s not as expensive as I anticipated.

*I like to think I’m practically main lining vitamins.  Scary enough, I’m getting more veggies and fruits in a single day than I got in a week prior to beginning this program.  By a long shot.

*I’ve figured out a much better system of making drinks by making my breakfast blend the night before.  The lunch and snack blends are the same so I can make these at the same time as well.  I’m seriously considering making both the breakfast and dinner blends at the same time the night before since these are typically the same as well.  I made two to take with me this past weekend and drank one on Saturday and one on Sunday – they both lasted.

*I lost 6 lbs last week.  I’m not supposed to weigh myself but let’s face it, I needed the motivation.  Yes, I know it’s water weight but it’s keeping me going.

*I’m compromising the plan to fit my needs a little bit.  I’m finding ways to incorporate coffee into my mornings.  I went without it the first day and the next day it felt like my skull was separating from my brain.  I’ll let you know if any of my “recipes” turn out decent.  So far it’s been trial and error and I’ve resorted to McDonald’s more than I’d like to admit.

*There are a few food extras you can take advantage of, although you aren’t supposed to make it a regular thing.  Well, as you can probably guess, I have.  I’ve kept in a Kind bar and sometimes replaced a mid-afternoon blend with this.  I think I’m missing the point a bit…

*Now, you may think I’m exaggerating or maybe you might think it’s a placebo effect BUT I’ve felt a small decrease in my anxiety and tummy troubles.  I didn’t go into this thinking it would help the anxiety piece and it didn’t dawn on me until Friday while I was driving up to my race.  I looked back at my week at work and realized it had been a good week.  Sure, there were times when I got anxious about a big project happening this week but overall I didn’t feel that strong pull of agitation that gets me all worked up.  I’m REALLY hoping this IS a reality as maybe it will help with some of my social angst too.

Truth be told, it IS harder than I anticipated.  I’ve come to the conclusion that office mate’s version of “not too bad” is on a different spectrum than mine.  It’s probably better I didn’t realize this before I started as I would have chickened out for sure.  As it was, my mind flip-flopped dozens of times.

I asked office mate what happens when the 28 days are over – what is the transition?  He told me he hasn’t watched that video yet as it doesn’t show up until the week 4 coaching video.  He is a determined and disciplined bloke so he is following the “rules”.  The Jason Vale program, Super Juice Me! has a 7 day detox along with a 14 day one.  Then the heavyweight champ, the 28 day cleanse.

I will continue to write about this off and on – I searched for blogs about juicing but didn’t find many.  Maybe I need to try find different key words.  I’m certainly open to questions or any experiences others have had!  I’m really happy I decided to give this a shot.  It’s been worth it!


waking up and smelling the coffee

Today I kicked my style project up a notch.  I am wearing bright royal blue skinny jeans, a white tee with a coral blouse over it and then a sparkle gray sweater.  I’ve added a knit hat and ankle booties to this get up… AND I took a pic!

just a bit of color for this wednesday!
just a bit of color for this wednesday!

I did get a couple of, “hmmm, not sure” type of reactions but I love it.  This style renewal is EXACTLY what I need at the moment.  Interestingly enough, I didn’t start losing weight back in the day until I had accepted and started to love my body as is.  I had a style reno at the start of that process as well.  I’ve often marveled at this aspect of my story – I had finally decided the curves weren’t so bad and then I lost 80 lbs.

life is too short to worry about matching socks
life is too short to worry about matching socks

I have thought a lot about this cause and effect and believe it comes down to me caring about my body, loving it and learning to treat it right.  When I hated how I looked, it didn’t matter if I was cruel to it – I didn’t care.  Once I started eating better and recognizing how strong it was I started fueling it through nutrition and exercise.  And kind thoughts.

Last night I was sharing this with a good friend – this whole wake up and smell the coffee moment I’d had so many years ago.  Then I had another wake up call as I realized I’ve fallen into some similar patterns of not appreciating or showing my body love as of late.  So, with the start of Lent today here are my two Lenten promises:

1.  I’m giving up my snooze button – whew!  This morning was interesting.  My ultimate goal for this is to learn to appreciate mornings, wake up with ONE alarm and no more hitting snooze for a half hour.  I wasn’t running late this morning and felt much calmer.

2.  Appreciate my body – for me this means sticking to my work out goals and plans and dialing down the judgy-ness.  I’ve been way to harsh on myself as of late.  I would NEVER allow anyone to talk to one of my friends the way I talk to myself and it’s time I remember to be amazed at what my body is able to do on a daily basis.

oops – I lied – the 3 Lenten promises!

3.  To be more observant – lately, I’ve noticed I’ve been walking around with my gaze lowered.  In fact, I’ve lived in the area for almost 10 years and yesterday was the first day I had noticed a building in the neighborhood (and how it resembled male genitalia but that’s another story!).  For shame, Amy!  I walked to work this morning with my eyes forward and took in as much beauty as I could.  I was certainly welcomed with an incredible sunny day!

look at that!  I can see grass!
look at that! I can see grass!

I don’t believe that Lent has to always be a time for sacrifice rather it’s a time to become a better person.  To be mindful and awake.  I’m looking forward to sharing some of my experiences!

a bit on biggest loser and a cool techy device

While I was running tonight (last night) I wrote a whole post that was really funny.  Then I sat down to write it and my mind is BLANK!  Haha, love it when that happens!  I can’t even remember what I was thinking about…

OH WAIT!  Phew, it just came to me…

As I mentioned on my facebook page (oh whaaa?  not a fan – by all means, pause this and hit the good ol’ thumbs up!) I have mixed feelings on The Biggest Loser.

1.  I am not much for reality shows.  Typically, I get really embarrassed for the contestants.  For example, I caught the end of the Bachelor last night and the girl who was kicked off was from Detroit and she made me mortified we were from the same state.

2.  It’s not very realistic as far as weight loss is concerned and it being applicable to everyone else who isn’t on the ranch and wants to lose weight.

3.  Ugggghhhh – could everyone have vomited MORE?!  Also, (I know I am not a professional but…) when the contestants are put in the gym for the first time and they were WORKED! – is this safe?

Nevertheless, on Monday night one of the trainers was talking to the contestant and said, ” You would make time for dialysis, wouldn’t you?”  Actually, I think they said chemotherapy but you get my point.  I have thought about this a lot and it’s a GREAT perspective!  So even though I wanted my comfy sweats, I opted for the gym after work – yay!  I am not sure exactly why this has clicked with me so well but it has and I am going with it!

Other than spending time in front of the tv watching other people lose weight (irony?) I am getting ready for the Disney World marathon!  Whoop whoop!  Wait – does watching Biggest Loser make anyone else want to eat?  Just me?  Okay, good, glad we got that cleared up!  I am totally not packed nor do I have a black tech shirt for my outfit on Sunday.  I am breaking one of the first rules of running about not wearing anything new.  I am in fact, wearing almost all new stuff – I figure I might as well go big.  Not to mention, when I stroll in at 10 hours, at least I have an excuse!

By the way, have you seen these?  And if you have, how could you not tell me about them?!

how freakin' cool are these?!
how freakin’ cool are these?!

Oh yes, indeedy, these are iPod slap bracelets!  Why do I not have one of these?  And get this – they are cheap!  $24 smackers!  My birthday is coming up and I may have to get myself an early present!

two for one

Today was an awesome Monday morning (I know – WHO writes that?!  THIS GIRL!) for three reasons…

1.  When I left for work this morning, it didn’t feel like I was walking on the surface of the sun!  Yippee!

2.  I was down a pound and a half!  Yay!

3.  I am wearing pants that while I could zip a week and a half ago, it would have been fairly indecent of me to wear them :)

So those are my 3 big wins for the morning.  I’ve tried REALLY hard to stop letting the scale dictate my day and I usually do a decent job of it.  However, this weight plateau has been a pain in my arse for months now so to break through it feels fantastic!

What am I doing differently?  The main factor is my food intake/portions.  I’m an emotional eater as well as a night snacker.  These two powers combined (Captain Planet anyone?) make for nutritional fails for sure!  So, I’ve been paying closer attention to my hunger cues.  When cooking, I’m carefully reading serving sizes.  At first, I felt like there was no way that would be enough food!  Sometimes it is more than enough and other times I am still hungry.  Before I reach for something else though, I drink water and wait.  Once upon a time, I also explained how I like to feel “full”.  Right away.  I’ve been working on feeling satisfied when I am finished eating since usually after 20 minutes or so, I am full.

I thought I would still be hungry after this but I was stuffed!

Moving helped though, as it occupied large amounts of my time and also has given me a new start – mentally and emotionally.  I also have a mega-sweet tooth so I’m turning to alternative options to get my sweet fix.  Sometimes fruit, sometimes granola bars with chocolate in them at 100 calories and I am IN LOVE with the Special K Fruit Crisps (also 100 calories for 2!) – mmmm!

Last night my goal was 10 miles.  I’m pretty sure I mentioned this yesterday as well as something about not losing fitness, blah, blah, I’m so cocky…   Uhh… haha… it was TOUGH!  I actually figured it would be (deep down where denial turns to reality) so I started out slowly and simply kept on running.  I did miss my goal by 3 miles but considering I was fighting for those 7 miles, I’m calling it a win!  Not to mention, I’ve barely run in the last week and half and my body reminded me :)  I recovered in my Aspaeris pivot shorts and my lovely pink compression socks with a side of peas and corn on the knees!.  It felt good to be back out there and running though.  The first 3 miles are always the hardest for me.  Once my legs are warmed up it starts to feel a little bit easier.  Or maybe I tune out the pain – yeah, it could be that too!

compression shorts AND compression socks… I love it

Well, obviously, it’s no longer Monday – oops!  I meant to post but forgot I hadn’t pressed “publish”!  Today is pretty opposite of my happier self yesterday!  It was a stressful day at work and last night I went for a 5 mile run and it was tough.  In fact, I was running and had a some pain in my left hip and some pain in my right knee.  I iced when I got back home but still woke up this morning with a stiff and angry knee!

yeah, I didn’t seal the bag with ice and slipped off and spilled all over the floor. ice fail

I iced again this morning while at work (see above picture) and while it definitely feels better, I’m not going to run tonight.  Of course it’s PERFECT running weather this evening!  I am super tempted but also want to be able to finish my 13.1 this weekend!

On a positive note, guess what came in the mail today?!

wahooo! new sports bras!

Last week there was a rockin’ sale at Moving Comfort and I got both sports bras half off!  Usually, it’s only the “boring” colors that are on sale but I got “Bahama Blue” and “Grape Soda” – both colors I didn’t have!  Yes, I really am this excited!  But these are usually almost $60 and right now I have 2.  I also no longer have a washer and dryer so adding 2 more will help a lot.

Finally, random photo of the day:

cherry-butt :)

giving away some “weighted” baggage

Happy Sunday!  I’m still in the process of moving (yes, this IS the longest move ever!) but I wanted to take a break and write this post because a) it’s 92* outside and b) I really wanted to write it!  Oh and c) I am losing steam ;)

Yesterday I was down in one of my storage rooms and I came across bins of old clothing.  I’m talking approximately 5 storage bins!  All of the clothes were from my heavier days.  I know they say don’t keep them but I did.  I was always afraid I would wake up and all 85 lbs would magically have become part of my body again.  So guess what I did?!  I GAVE THEM ALL AWAY!!  I can’t even believe it myself!  Yes, they’ve been down in storage for a number of years (7 ish?) but still I’ve always wanted to have them, “just in case.”

But not anymore.  I refuse to give myself a safety net of having a whole wardrobe in case I gain weight.  This is ridiculous.  It’s off to Good Will.  I feel it’s some of the last of my baggage from those old days of insufficient confidence, horrible body image and allowing myself to give up.  Let’s face it – giving up is a whole heck of a lot easier than fighting.  And I am going to keep fighting to stay in shape and have a healthy life!

Ahhh – I love a good self-pep talk!

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