fitsok… an unsolicitated review

I have a wild love affair with work out gear.  More specifically running gear, although I’ve never met a pair of sweatpants or a hoodie I didn’t like…

However, socks usually took a back seat when it came to spending available funds on new gear.  A black pull over jacket (again)?  Of course!  Oh!  What about a new tech shirt (even though I just got 6 from the Dopey Challenge)?  YES!  Can you see where I am going with this?  I lay down the mullah for compression socks but other than that I go to Target for some C9’s.

Until I found Fitsok.  My good friends and former Ragnar teammates do a Longest Run fundraiser.  They’re on their third year and their efforts are so impressive!  (Look for opportunities to donate and get hooked up with some sweet gear if you win the raffle!)  Last year, I donated and won a few items in the raffle.  Fitsok was a sponsor (which makes them even more amazing) and I got a package of 3 pairs.

“Give athletes the best in engineered fit and performance. We’re about building products that allow everyone to excel”  Fitsok motto

When I first got them, I thought they felt on the thicker side as far as running socks are concerned.  I wasn’t very interested to be honest.  Then a couple of weeks later the laundry mountain had sucked up all of my socks and I decided to give Fitsoks a whirl.

fitsok flower of hope - hope that spring will be here soon
fitsok flower of hope – hope that spring will be here soon

These are prime running socks people.  As you can tell by the title of this post, Fitsok isn’t sponsoring me (please feel free Fitsok!) nor are they showering me with socks (again, please feel free Fitsok!), I simply love this product.  And since I skimp in the sock department on a regular basis, this is huge for me.  What I notice about the C9 socks and many others I’ve tried, after a little while the socks stretch out and then do the dreaded slip to the middle of your arch thing.  Seriously, I feel this is the worst sin a sock could commit!  This resulted in me buying C9 socks in large quantities because I considered them cheaper.  And they were – in quality.


Fitsok offers arch support and a snug but not a too tight, fit.  While they do feel padded at first touch, once on my feet they do not feel thick.  It’s just the perfect amount of cushion!  I even wore them for my 1/2 marathon in Disney World with compression sleeves because they are so comfortable and supportive.  I love them as much as I did the first day and I’m always bummed when I don’t have a clean pair.

Last week I bought 2 new packages of Fitsoks because with only 3 pairs I was sometimes (gasp!) wearing them twice before washing.  Yes, I know this is gross but I really love them!  I’ve been wearing them for months now and they are still in great condition and don’t even slide down when I am wearing my Hokas – a sock-pulling-down-culprit.  They have a variety of lengths and I opted for the low ones.  You can find local places to order them here.  I ordered mine from Amazon since there isn’t anyplace around me to buy them.  The cost was about $15.00 for 3 pairs (not even that pricey!).

a “mug shot” of shoe responsible for pulling socks down

Check out their website.  They have a much better technical description of why the socks perform so well.

As an important side note, I did figure out a smarty-pants way to avoid losing my precious Fitsoks in the dryer (or wherever they go).  I’m going to wash them in a lingerie bag all together.  YAY!  I’m protecting my investment and avoiding the inevitable one missing sock rage.


I have so many thoughts

Some of my thoughts:

1.  How could I have forgotten how good a BLT is?!  I completely skip the lettuce because I am lazy but I loaded up on the bacon and tomatoes.  I love the gushy tomato with the lightly crunchy bacon.

I think he loves bacon more than I do… but not by much

2.  I eat a Chobani Flip everyday for breakfast.  My boss told me the other day he is concerned about the amount of yogurt I eat.  This could be true but so far I have not tired of my Coco Loco and it’s a treat for breakfast.

3.  I was reading through Run, Eat, Repeat the other day and I really like the compression shorts she wears for races.  They are Moving Comfort 7.5″ Compression Short.  I like how they are a little longer and reviews say they don’t ride up.  Since my thighs do touch (ha!  see how I worked that in?!) this is a good thing.  Some reviewers say the waist sits too low so we’ll see.

compression shorts
superhero shorts

4.  In both marathons I ran last year, I saw a couple of women whose shorts/skirt kept riding up and their inner thighs were bleeding from the chaffing.  Would you quit at this point?  It might have been mile 20… I would seriously consider it…

5.  I have 20 miles on my “schedule” (which I have loosely based on a training plan but play it by ear) for today.  I have decided my prize – yes, I do reward myself with food, is this incredibly delicious donut from a local donut place called Sweetwaters.  I had 1/2 of one about a month ago and I’m still thinking about it.  Only one problem, I don’t know what kind of donut it was so what if I pick the wrong one?!  I feel this will be my important decision for the day.

6.  Yesterday I learned there is a sandwich hierarchy when ordering food for college students.  Now, I understand there is such a hierarchy for candy (generic candy doesn’t cut it) and pizza but I didn’t realize this included sandwiches.  Apparently, Subway is at the bottom and Jimmy Johns is a much more “fun” sandwich.  I argued that Blimpies was much lower than Subway and I was informed that of course it was and it wasn’t even included in the list.  Now you are enlightened as well.

7.  If you ever came to visit me there is a good chance one of the following would be on tv, a Twilight, a Lord of the Rings, a Harry Potter or an episode of Supernatural.  A few months ago, I got invited to a party later in the evening on a Friday night.  Most everyone was already drunk and this guy asked me what I had been doing earlier.  I answered, “I was watching Lord of the Rings”.  He thought I was joking – I wasn’t.

maybe – but I’m not ashamed!

8.  Did you realize that the word scratch can be a verb, an adjective or a noun?

9.  You should feel lucky I didn’t bother typing what I was actually thinking here.  It was beyond dumb.

10.  I finally figured out my costume for the Dopey races!  Wahoo!  More to come in the next couple of months!

computer detention is the worst

Please don’t ask how I’ve managed some internet activity for a few minutes as it probably isn’t the best “solution”.  But I’ve missed writing so I am going for it!

Okay, I swear, I did not order this!  However, it was put in my mailbox as the woman who lived there before must have had a subscription.  This is the first time I’ve received it in a year and half of living there so who knows.  For your viewing pleasure:

-1Yes, I kept it.  And I promise to bring forth any relevant information!

Since I’ve been unconnected (at least in my apt) some good stuff has been happening in my running world.  Get this – consistency really does help!  I’ve known for some time now this was a missing ingredient in my training but haven’t mustered enough motivation to do anything about it.  This is turning around which makes me very happy.

I did a lunch run yesterday (I’ve now done a few of them and really enjoy it!) and my first mile was 11:17.  I went up a BIG hill – which, I can now run without stopping!  Wahoo!  Going on week two of this feat!  I felt like I was really pushing for the whole thing.  By the end and with some help of a friend to do complicated math, my last 2.5 miles were at a 10 min pace!  I didn’t even know I had this in me!  Granted, I felt like vomiting the whole time and for a good hour and half afterward but it was totally worth it.

spoiler! this will be the scenery for my race on saturday!
spoiler! this will be the scenery for my race on saturday!

I’ve also started noticing my body is tightening back up a bit.  This is a relief considering it’s easy for me to get discouraged if I don’t feel/see any results.  I’m not really speaking of weight loss (although this is something I am hoping for) rather muscle definition and strength.  I’ve missed this.  A couple of weeks into switching meds when I really stopped almost all activity, I remember no longer feeling like this.  It was like all of my muscles went on vacation.  To get this feeling back is a major accomplishment and makes me feel I’m recovering more and more.

This weekend is my first 1/2 marathon in about 8 months.  Truth be told, this will be the longest I have run since the Disney World Marathon back in January.  I’m a little bit nervous.  I definitely feel/know I can do it although Saturday is looming nonetheless.  So if you don’t mind, could you send some running mojo my way this weekend?

Finally, Aspaeris came out with capris!  I am really excited about this!  I like the pivot shorts a lot but tend to gravitate toward capris more.  I’ve been WAITING for capris for forever!  With the discount code CAPRISALE you can get them almost 1/2 off!  I found the code from It’s a Dog Lick Baby World.  Yes, I ordered a pair today.


I feel like I had more fabulous things to tell you but I’ve forgotten what they are.  I need to get back into my routine of writing!  Fingers crossed the internet gods and goddess will shine upon me!

addicted to work out gear

***Guess what?!  Last night I had a pretty amazing run.  I didn’t take any walk breaks (although I really wanted to at one point) and only stopped for a 30 second breather once.  In all seriousness, I got chills after I crested the final hill and launched my fist in the air Judd Nelson/Breakfast Club style when I finished.  Remember when I said to celebrate?  Yep, and I texted Meagan as soon as I got home – YAY!

Whenever I get stressed I tend to go on some buying sprees.  They aren’t truckloads of money binges but certainly unnecessary items end up in my shopping bag.  The last few weeks this has definitely been the case!  Luckily, I have begun reigning this in as well as taking a few things back that ultimately don’t match up with my expectations.  I think it’s just that initial, “hmm, I think I need this”!  Then sanity comes back when I get home.  What can I say?  I’m a work in progress.

Do you ever do this?  Come home from the store and look at your items and think WTH was I thinking?!  This has been the case with my Old Navy purchases.  I swear – they have magic mirrors in their dressing rooms!

Nevertheless, I have found some great deals along with finds that are very flattering and even practical.  With my new meds came an increase in sun sensitivity.  Considering I am already from vampire country, this doesn’t help and now being outside for even 5-7 mins leaves me with noticeable redness – eek!

I know, I find this troubling too edward

Did you know that May was national skin cancer awareness month?  The month/blog posts made an impact on me and I’ve stocked up on sunscreen.  Clearly I need more coverage than this so I also bought a “surf shirt” from Old Navy in lew of a bathing suit top.  It fits snug where it should and loose where I prefer it!  What I am not sure of though is do you where a bikini top underneath it?

As mentioned the running tanks are very comfy.  I’ve picked up a two dresses, a fun pair of “boyfriend” style pants (they have little anchors on them!), a nicer pair of khakis and a cute coral flowy shirt.  Everything was majorly on sale so all in all they were good additions to my summer wardrobe.

Target – oh dear Target how you tempt me!  Here I found an adorable stripped maxi-skirt, a chambrey shirt (previously posted about) and a pair of running shorts with little compression shorts attached.  The running shorts are iffy and I will be returning them.

oh dear… this looks a bit familiar

This leads me to my work out gear obsession!  Do you have one too?  After bringing home the shorts yesterday, I realized I need to take stock of what I currently have and what I no longer ever wear.  Some I will sell and some just give away – I have a few pieces that I’ve rarely worn.  Haha, I also have a few pieces that have been worn into the ground and these will just be thrown out – yep a big step for me!  I will say, I tend to think I need more because I have to pay for my laundry and attempt to wait as long as possible in between doing loads.  I really do enjoy doing laundry but not so much in a w/d that I have to share with numerous other individuals (and their germs!).  HOWEVER, my project for this weekend has included doing a bit of un-hoarding.

So, this doesn’t really show the height of the gear… maybe this is better?!

here are a good chunk of my running clothes, although missing some winter gear
here are a good chunk of my running clothes, although missing some winter gear

Here is the pile I am going to sell

more than it looks, I swear!
more than it looks, I swear!

There is a small pile to giveaway.  This is my first go through of the clothes and I know there are a few winter articles I can sell as well.  But seriously, this was tough.  There is a red Marmot jacket that I LOVE in the sell pile.  It just doesn’t fit as well anymore so it needs to find a new home.  I’m working on it!

Here’s to a physically active and industrious Sunday!