15 thing fri – yeah, it’s saturday…

Another week in the books.  Want to hear something wonderful?  I haven’t called in to work sick for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!  I realized this today when a migraine was threatening but I soldiered through until the end of the day.  Despite my post the other day, my outlook on life and health are on an upward swing.  Now for the fun part of the weekend…

1.  I saw this on pinterest

8cccbad603a15010cc54b6defff9961f“Amy, what the heck is THIS?!”  Well, it’s a deceased bird that has been hollowed out, stuffed by a taxidermist and then used as a jewelery holder.  You know, because this is natural and not serial killer-ish at all.

2.  I traveled far and wide to an IKEA and Trader Joe’s on Monday with a great friend.  We had such a wonderful time!  We spent 5 hours in IKEA and sat in every couch, chair, love seat – whatever, you can possibly imagine.  We also filled her car to the brim.  It was a really good day filled with fun, good conversation and good shopping.  Another smart move was I made a list ahead of time so I didn’t impulse buy – big deal for this gal.

add shopping to this and it's even more rejuvenating
add shopping to this and it’s even more rejuvenating

3.  Oiselle is having a sale.  20% off all of their sale items.  I’ve wanted to try their long Roga shorts for a while because legend has it they don’t ride up.  Shorts that ride up drive me over the edge so these are appealing to me.  They should be shipped soon and then I will report back!

4.  I found this nifty article on pinterest from Runner’s World as well

The 25 Golden Rules of Running
While these may not be groundbreaking, I love reading about running.  Not to mention, many of these are great reminders.

5.  Speaking of reading about running, I bought the book, Timeless Running Wisdom the other day.  I went to our local running store, Gazelle Sports looking for a giftie for a friend.  Of course as is my style, I bought myself something too!!  The book was on sale so that’s a plus.  Oh and for my friend, I got him a Tiger Tail – he has started a training program and this puppy has brought me much relief.

it even has 5 stars on amazon
it even has 5 stars on amazon

6.  I ran on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday so far this week.  This is the most I have run in months.  And I am not doing that blogger thing where it sounds dramatic but we all know it isn’t true.  Nope, this is the truth.  I’ve kept them all around 2.5 or 3 miles and am concentrating on building my foundation.  I also haven’t been wearing my garmin.  I don’t want to get caught up in “oh my paces are slow – woe is me”.  When I first started running I didn’t even know garmins existed and I did fine.  When Dopey training starts in a few weeks I will certainly wear it but until then I’m going “naked”.

7.  A dear friend – well, she is more like family, posted this on facebook and I love it

970140_167272320099971_207282847_n8.  My new favorite meal is two scrambled eggs, a baked potato all topped with cheese.  Oh my goodness!  This is so tasty!  I had it for 6 days in a row and the only reason I didn’t eat it Friday was because I didn’t have enough time.  I’ve been eating it for lunch (I eat a little later in the day) and it keeps me full for hours.

9.  Speaking of food obsessions, Chobani has some new flavors of their Flip yogurt line.  Today I had the peach flavored yogurt with dark chocolate bits and pistachios.  YUM!  I was a bit hesitant because I wasn’t sure how the chocolate would blend with the peach flavor but I shouldn’t have worried.  They also have a fiber rich blueberry with walnuts and flax seeds that I hadn’t seen before.  One of my co-workers bought the coconut, dark chocolate and almond flavor because I won’t shut up about how good it is.  She ate it today and then we spent at least 5 minutes talking about how fabulous it is – and filling!  Chobani – you should hire me, I’m totally kicking up the sales here in Kalamazoo!

oh my goodness - I didn't know this flavor existed!  must.find.soon.
oh my goodness – I didn’t know this flavor existed! must.find.soon.

10.  A friend also sent me this gif – it cracks me up

love it!

11.  SkinnyRunner had a really informative post the other day about race fuel.  She mentioned the next day that in the comments were also some solid ideas so if you are looking for fuel ideas I suggest checking it out.  One idea she shared is make a pb&j sandwich and cut it up in small pieces for easy access while running.  In both marathons this year, I was STARVING around mile 16 or 17.  I had gels, which I took but I was still really hungry.  Other ideas you all may have on fueling?

12.  Pro Compression has a sweet deal!  40% off of all socks with a $60 minimum after purchase (after discount).  The code is MAY1 – I am going to order two pairs of socks and a set of sleeves, all in purple.  Epilepsy awareness!  I’ll be wearing these during the DopeyChallenge.  These are my favorite compression socks because they aren’t too short (length wise) on my feet.  My brother-in-law loves his.  He is a crossfit coach and uses them for recovery often.

13.  Do any of you watch New Girl?  Seriously, Nick Miller can KISS!  Oh my!  Everyone deserves to be kissed like this!

there was another amazing kiss this past week but no pics... yet
there was another amazing kiss this past week but no pics… yet

14.  Have any of you seen the ProActive commercial where it shows people trying all of the home remedies that you see on pinterest?  It’s actually fairly humorous (it’s not on youtube – sorry!).  The thing is, I DO want to try some of the home remedies I’ve seen on there!

15.  I had a brilliant realization the other day… I should hydrate during the day BEFORE I go for a run!  Sometimes my brilliance cannot be stopped.  Since staying hydrated can also ward off migraines, I am have increased my water consumption and also adding Nuun to one bottle of water a day.  Yesterday I did this and I was able to control a pending headache all day without meds.  Today I didn’t do this and the headache made progress.  It is crazy how much dehydration can effect your body not to mention your performance.  Here is an informative article

BONUS!  I just got a kick out of this!

07ff43960fbb4a09ccae56d0d0bec3d9Happy Weekend Everyone!

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