an award? for me?!

This post is WAY overdue… like by about a week.  But as we have discussed before, when I want something to be perfect, I procrastinate.  I really wanted this blog post to be great because you see, Megan and RunLikeAGrl nominated me for the Pink Tree award “One Lovely Blog” for this here blog o’ mine!  Isn’t that amazing?  When I read her comments in my “About” section I got a bit misty.  I feel pretty dang special!

When I first said I was going to start this blog, a friend asked me if it would be “free therapy”.  I laughed and said, “yeah, probably”.  In reality it’s so much more!  I have met some really incredible people because of it, have realized part of my lifelong dream and I freakin’ LOVE to write!  To be a super cheese, it feeds my soul.  Which, I guess, can be considered therapy… damn good therapy :)

Here is what I needed to do to accept the One Lovely Blog award:

1.  Link it back to the person who nominated you – Megan, check her out – she is great!

2.  Paste the award image to my blog, someplace – oh what?  I already did?

3.  Share 7 facts about myself (ooo – I’m sure you all are at the edge of your seat for this one!)

4.  Nominate other blogs for this award (there is a limit)

5.  Post a comment on each of your nominees’ blogs telling them they were nominated by your’s truly

In order not to keep you in suspense, let’s start with the seven facts about me:

1.  I LOVE movies!  I worked in a movie theater for 4 or 5 years, ate popcorn for breakfast, lunch and dinner and even though I worked a bunch, I would still go out there to watch movies during my days off.  My family used to always buy movies on VHS and this was a habit I picked up… in fact, I still have my VHS tapes.  I know!  But it hurts my heart to throw them out!

2.  I’m pretty sure I peaked in the looks dept in kindergarten!

no, I don’t have issues but I think this is one of my best pics ever! oh yeah, and this was my favorite school blouse :)

3.  I chose one of my majors, Criminal Justice because I LOVED Scooby Doo as a kid.  Nope, really not joking.

4.  I sailed around the world on a ship for Semester at Sea.  I was able to make this my final project for grad school, was paid a small stipend to be a hall director on the ship and we stopped in 11 ports (not counting Seattle, WA where we landed).  I absolutely had a fabulous time.  We were gone for 110 days.

this picture was taken from the portal on the ship by one of my residents at the time, Philip Van Nostrand

5.  My senior year in high school I got sick.  After several small seizures (I thought I was just getting dizzy) and one big seizure I was diagnosed with epilepsy.  My doctor said I would grow out of it and put me on an aggressive medication without letting me know it would mess with the serotonin level in my brain and I would essentially eat everything in sight.  6 months and 30 additional pounds later, I freaked out on the doctor when I was told the cause of my never-ending hunger.  With my meds changed (and a new doc), things became more manageable.  Unfortunately, I have never grown out of it.  I’m lucky in the sense I have great control with medications.  Nevertheless, I take meds for it which has lousy side effects, have to think about/monitor it and it’s always present in my mind when I make decisions.  But I deal…

6.  I collected pigs when I was younger.  I probably had 300 or so?

yes, I have one sitting out – it’s supposed to bring me good luck! besides, isn’t he cute?!

7.  Hmmm… the last one… all I can think of are gross stories from my childhood!  I am a romantic at heart.  Since said heart has been broken a couple of times, I now say I am a “jaded romantic”.  I still REALLY, REALLY want to believe in happily ever after (I know it takes effort!) but it’s hard to pack away the baggage and keep believing.  I can’t completely stop though and continue to wear my heart on my sleeve.

yep, still a romantic at heart – damn!

So there you go!  Now for blogs I want to nominate:

Because I Can

Managing Meagan

Fit Girl Daily

Healthy Diva

Life in the Twin Lane

Laura Lives Life

Life After Swimming

A Duck on the Run

There are so many more!  I hope you get a chance to stop by and read these – I really enjoy them and think you will too.  They are each different from each other and I really appreciate their styles, their ambition and dedication!

Stop back tomorrow… it’s Chicago Ragnar week up here and I’m on top of the world excited (and nervous!)

5 thoughts on “an award? for me?!

  1. Congratulations on the reward – and how cool that you spent a semester at sea! Very fun :)

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