three 5k’s in as many days=overachiever or a flakey runner?

Thanks so much for all of your kind words on my post about living with epilepsy!  My goal is for people to know and realize that while you do need to make changes if diagnosed, you can still lead a FULL life!  It helps for me to remember this too!

Funny thing happened… I somehow managed to sign up for 3 5k’s this weekend!  Ha!  I guess my inner overachiever isn’t quite as dormant as I thought!

Friday night I will be headed to do the Yule Run, I’ll Walk run with a few friends.  We did this together last year and it was a lot of fun!  You get to run through a bunch of Christmas lights and it’s a cool way to kick of the season.  You also get a “mystery” gift as well as a shirt – yay!  Plus it’s at night, which is a fun twist for me since I do most of my running in the evening.

I think this santa is so cute! this is part of their logo

Saturday morning a local Turkey Trot.  I am VERY excited about this race because it is my friend’s FIRST 5k ever!  Wahoo!  She recently started running (back in the summer) and I am really looking forward to getting to experience this with her.  I love racing/running with folks new-ish to running.  There is an element of excitement that I completely syphon off of!

Finally on Sunday afternoon there is the Jingle Bell run, which is a run for the Arthritis foundation.  I volunteered for this race a few years ago and this will be the first time I get to run it.  It’s on a relatively flat course so at least my tired legs should be able to handle this!

I love this logo too! it just looks so happy to be rockin’!

I don’t think I have ever done back to back races and certainly never 3 in a row.  I’m actually looking forward to them as well as the excitement from other runners.  Each one is a mix of hardcore racers and walkers so that will be nice.  Sometimes, in the shorter distances, I feel like many runners are jaded – kind of this “been here done that” mentality.  It should be FUN!  I also refuse to use the words, “it’s JUST a 5k”.  For so many individuals (and I was one of them) running for 3.1 miles seems so daunting!  When I ran my first, I had never ran the full 3.1 in training.  In fact, I think the most I had run was 2.5.  Someone asked me if I was going to be able to finish it and my response was, “I guess we’ll find out!”

I know I look a bit lost here but I was just as surprised as anyone that I finished!

But it was exhilarating!  I was so proud of myself and these are the feelings I try to remind myself of when I start to feel schlumpy (probably not a real word but it fits here and describes how I sometimes feel about running PERFECTLY!).  I’m also going to actually warm-up before the proverbial starting gun.  I always thought it was simply the elite runners who need to warm up but turns out it’s perfect for all of us!  We can go faster by getting our heart rate up a little so it’s already pumping more oxygen to our muscles!  There was more science-y business behind it but I have forgotten but do know it’s beneficial to a faster time.  Me hearts faster times.

Oh and remember how I put that challenge out to do a 1000 push ups in one week?  How are all of you doing?  Did you know this is A FREAKIN’ TON OF PUSH UPS?!  Okay, just checking… I probably will not make this goal but all the more reason to try it again some time in the future.  I’ve got my thinking cap on for the next challenge and oooo – I might include instructional photos!  Yes, I am a blog nerd

4 thoughts on “three 5k’s in as many days=overachiever or a flakey runner?

  1. You are going to have a busy weekend!!!! The jingle bell run in Spokane is on December 1st- I am so excited. I am going to wear my red sparkle skirt and my red sparkly soul headband.
    1000 push ups IS A LOT of push ups!

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