hey bandwagon, wait for me!

I think it’s important to every once in a while be honest with yourself.  Some may suggest being this way all of the time but I enjoy denial way too much to drop that realm of illusion.  But I digress…

I want a fitness tracker.  I’ve been considering for a little while.  Initially, I couldn’t fathom spending a chunk of change on what I considered an overpriced pedometer.  When I realized there was a bit more to it, I was intrigued but still lacked motivation to research all of the options.

Alas, now when I see people with those wrist bands, I want to be part of the crowd.  So I dove head first into amazon to find what fitness tracker would be best.   There are many choices.  Many, many choices.  I was hovering on the buy button for the Runtastic Orbit tracker.  The big draw for me is the water-proof piece (even though I haven’t swam laps in ages).  I also want one with a sleep tracker so I can show the world just how LITTLE sleep I’m actually getting.  I feel like this could earn me a level (low-ranking of course) of heroic status for simply sort-functioning throughout the day.  I digress… Again

I read a few reviews & there seems to a couple of a bugs still being worked out with the Orbit.  They didn’t sound drastic & I still had it sitting in my shopping cart.  I decided to look into FitBit as I feel this is the granddaddy & has been around the block a few times.  The reviews are also solid on this device but it’s not water-proof.  Apparently there was another model that had similar features as the Orbit but it was recalled-this was before my bandwagon jumping.  They talk about the online community being uber supportive but this isn’t a deal breaker for me.  Still, those impending laps called to me.

I didn’t buy either.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still very interested & know I will eventually cave.  My current level of fitness isn’t what I want it to be and I need to find some new ways to enjoy a good sweat.  Running isn’t off my Christmas list, however, I’m feeling burned out.  This is a post for another day.  There are so many neato ways to get the heart pumpin’ & I’ve been doing none of them.  I also think shame is a good motivator & when the little arm band thingy lets me know that walking back & forth from my couch to the kitchen & then the couch to the bathroom only takes 200 steps (I’m guessing this would be the total count FOR THE DAY!) maybe it will make me walk around the block or something.  Or maybe I’ll want to compete against myself – I don’t know, could be a lame idea.

this is part of the problem…

This isn’t my first ride on a bandwagon.  Others I’ve caught up with include:  Crossfit – great but didn’t like my local box.  Juicing-tasty but not enough food & tough to maintain.  I do think I’ll add some juicing back in – I just haven’t made it to the store.  Some wonky diet “vitamins” – yeah, just a bad idea.  Low-carb – the bagels cast their sweet siren song & I become a glutton for gluten.  I bought a treadmill since this would mean I would wake up every morn & crank out 5 miles before work.  A solid purchase actually but there haven’t been any morning 5 milers.  And of course the Hokas.  Oh big clunky shoes, how I wanted you to love me back… *sigh*

For the record, these are all since January 2014.  Haha, I’m such an ideas person & the follow through is a tricky minx that I haven’t been able to catch.

and by “you’re” I mean me

So there you go – the fitness tracker could be yet another attempt at finding the golden ticket to weight loss, good health & sustainable motivation.  Like I said, I’m sure I’ll be joining the ranks of the rubber-bracelet club but I read an online review somewhere that talked about how they felt pretty sure Fitbit would be rolling out a new tracker before the end of the year that would have the more capabilities.  Maybe this is the one for me?  I couldn’t make up my mind.  So I bought winter boots instead.

4 thoughts on “hey bandwagon, wait for me!

  1. I’ve thought about a FitBit for a while too, but what would it do for me? It would motivate me for 2 days then I’d be over it. It’s the shinny new things syndrome. Somehow we think the newest, latest, greatest shinny new thing will solve everything for us when MAYBE just maybe we solve us. DEEP, huh? Noooow…. maybe I can ask for a FitBit for Christmas??? :)

  2. I have a FitBit and I adore it. I’m fairly active already, and it’s nice to be able to put a number to what I do.
    I will also say that FitBit has stellar customer service. Mine started acting up and had issues charging. They sent me a brand new charger, and when that didn’t work, a brand new FitBit.

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