I have been totally and completely exhausted today.  It just seems like things in life are moving really quickly and there are some big decisions I have to make soon.  Top that with a large workload and this is how I felt today

Haha, this isn't my desk, mine is a tad messier

Today was also my last class period.  I teach a section for first year students and we (my student facilitator and I) aim to help them be successful in college.  I think it’s hard for the students to see the value of the class at the moment but I do believe they look back on it and recognize what we focused on helped them (at least I hope!).  It’s also a great way for students to connect with a university professional and an upper classman.  I get questions about financial aid, roommates, how to talk to a professor  – all kinds.  Then in many cases, the students have someone they can use as a reference as well.  I really enjoyed my class this year.  Here they are

We were small but mighty!
These are some of my boys - they made me laugh. I also look very short in this picture

Tonight I want to finish decorating my apt for the holidays and for my bucket list item, I have my toy for a tot.

Action figures kinda freak me out - their muscles are weird

I know, the toy is odd – odd things find a way into my life.  I almost got a T-Rex toy because I always say I am built like a T-Rex.  As you can see from the picture above, I have scrawny, useless arms but my legs are pretty strong :)

See those lil' arms? Yep, it could be my twin - minus the crazy big head, scaly skin and big teeth

Since I am finishing decorating tonight, I plan on finishing up the decorations that I am making tomorrow.  I hope they turn out.  I promise to post them, even if they turn out ugly!

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