friday night wine musings

I think the best way to power up for a good run on Saturday morning is to have a healthy and well-balanced dinner the night before.  But let me back up a bit…

Today I woke up completely exhausted.  But I got out of bed and was hoping some caffeine would do the trick but no such luck.  I took some time off of work and ended up taking a 2 and half hour nap

yep, this is pretty much what I looked like

Unfortunately, I couldn’t take the rest of the day off and hang out in jammie pants despite the fact I was still tired when I got up.  We had a project for work today/tonight (and last night) from 4 – 9:30 pm.  Ugh.  I decided to pack dinner to try to save money (or save it to spend on coffee) and this is what I came up with

A bagel as big as my head with peanut butter

Why isn’t peanut butter one word?!  This drives me BONKERS!

fruit cup as big as my head

and to round out this “healthy” dinner

A glass of wine as big as my head

Yes, I like to use my head as a measurement tool.  Like my very balanced dinner?  And don’t you think it will prepare me well for my run tomorrow?!  To be honest, the wine is/was more of a post dinner treat since I couldn’t very well lug the bottle into the work function with me.  But it was chilling nicely in my car (MI winters are good for some things after all!) and calling to me to hurry up and be DONE!  Oh and the best part?  It was on sale AND it was the last bottle!  I think the wine gods knew karma has been a mega bitch to me so they decided to smile on me a bit.

Now, I am attempting to do yoga with a glass of wine and cook dinner for tomorrow night.  Yoga and wine don’t mix very well although I am getting EXTREMELY relaxed… so maybe they mix well after all.  Hell, all the yoga studios should add a wine bar.  This is actually a brilliant idea!  Here is the base for a super yummy recipe for tomorrow

oh boy do I have a recipe for you all!

Tomorrow I am cooking up Cream Cheese Chicken and Veggie soup from the blog Mel’s Kitchen Cafe.  The pics look super dreamy and I first saw it on pinterest and have been thinking about it ever since.  Yum.  I hooked you up with the link but tomorrow I will post the recipe along with pics of the finished product.  The cool thing about this recipe was I had everything except the onion on my shelves/fridge.  Win.

Two weeks ago (or something like that) when I was in Detroit after flying home from NY, my friend Jamie and I were talking about love.  Yes, there was some wine fueling this deep conversation but I still think what we had to say had merit!  So, I am going to share it with you!

what are your thoughts on love?

Jamie has a theory that back in the earlier days marriage was a necessity.  Women were not allowed to do much without a man so they had to be married in order to survive/function in society.  But because times have changed, women no longer have to be married – they can be independent and can take care of themselves.  Jamie theorized that we have evolved and now marriage is a thing of the past, which is why the divorce rate is as high as it is.  And she wanted my thoughts.

do you think this is true?

Here’s the deal: I’m a romantic – I always have been.  I sincerely wish I wasn’t and at this point, I would admit I am a bit jaded but a romantic I stand.  So, I thought about it for a few minutes and the truth is I don’t think marriage is an antiquated idea but I do think we have forgotten how to communicate.  At the base of our being, we need connections.  But when we make these connections all too often we put expectations on the other person that are impossible to live up too.  We can’t expect a person NOT to change throughout the course of a marriage yet how often do you hear people say, “he/she isn’t the same person I married”?  Well, no kidding.  I’m not saying all marriages are meant to be or that we should accept all changes with open arms.  But there are some areas where we could/should be a bit more forgiving.  Jamie proposed that people could live on their own and don’t need to have another person.  I disagreed again.  Going back to us needing connections – I don’t think humans are meant to live solitary lives.  Beyond friendships, there is a bond between significant others that goes deeper and I am not simply referencing the physical aspect, although this is important too.  The funny thing is, Jamie is a (jaded) romantic as well – her and I have just been unlucky in love.  It happens I guess.  We started to delve into the concept of “soul mates” but decided that would be for another night.  Although if you watch “Crazy, Stupid, Love” you are absolutely going to WANT to believe in soul mates!

So what are your thoughts on love and marriage?  Do you think we have evolved to a point where we don’t no longer need the institution of marriage?

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