i didn’t drop off the face of the planet

Yowza!  It’s been DAYS since I last posted.  I wish I could say I was whisked away on a whirlwind, surprise vacation but ummm… no such luck!  Instead I have been enjoying a summer cold (boo!), countless headaches (boo again!), waiting on a text that never came (oh yeah, men kinda suck sometimes) and working.  Oh and sad – my favorite ornament was my first moving casualty

so sad… yet fitting…

Yes, none of these sound very fun and they haven’t been.  To help balance these unfortunate things I did the following:

Headed over to IKEA!  It’s about a two and half hour drive and it was fantastic!  I know many people don’t like the manufactured element of IKEA but in all sincerity it is really helping me to define my new space.  I was also selective with what I purchased.  I was nervous when I hit the showroom floor I would want to buy everything!  Just the opposite though!  It helped I had my awesome friends, Meagan and Larissa there to help navigate.

Then thankfully, Meagan say this tasty place and we decided to cap off our EXHAUSTING IKEA trip with some sugar… DELISH sugar in cupcake form :)

how do we pick?!
so we each ordered a different one and then split them in three – there was Grumpy Cake, Chubby Hubby and Tiramisu. they all rocked!

The next part of the trip was almost more than I could handle… blogger world mecca… TRADER JOE’S!  Yay!  I was completely prepared to hate Trader Joe’s and call it pretentious to anyone who would listen.  This was not the situation though.  I loved the variety of products, found the prices to be extremely fair (read: cheap!) and everyone was so polite.  It may sound dumb but the employees as well as the patrons were really nice and joked around with me about how much in awe I was of my shopping experience.  Manners and politeness go far with me and all too often I find this lacking in my shopping experiences.  The most negative thing?  It’s two and half hours away!!  Bummer!

take me to your leader!

Moving update… well, I haven’t actually moved anything yet. In fact, I keep bringing things INTO my apt rather than taking them out – this is bad form!  As I mentioned earlier, I am looking forward to crafting a space that is relaxing, a bit beachy and comfortable.  I want to bring in some elements of nature without sacrificing elements of my personality (yes, I have things that I am attached too!).  I’ve been all over the web and pinterest and I have connected on a deeper level!  Aside from IKEA, I visited Lowe’s for some succulents!  I don’t have much a green thumb, so cool looking plants that behave like cacti?  Perfect for this girl!  I’m creating little pots of them mixed together.  I like the zen-y feeling of them :)  Tomorrow I pick up my key and start to make this move happen.  Stay tuned!

the succulent I’m holding is called, “Baby Toes” – I know, kind of creepy, eh? I didn’t know this when I bought it!

Running… oh running how you vex me so!  Actually, I am being completely dramatic.  Running has been going pretty well.  Last Thursday I had a fantastic 7.5 miler.  It felt great.  The runner’s high lasted well into the next day!  The night before I walked 5 miles and the “high” from the walk certainly didn’t make me feel as good as the running one.  Some cold sickness hit after this so yesterday was my first taking it back to the streets session.  They weren’t fast miles but they were solid.  I did 4 miles and all of them were negative splits.  Yay!  I also walked a mile home after this.  Walking a mile home after running has become a norm for me and one I appreciate.  It gives me time to process my run, cool down my muscles and relax.  My legs are not as tired after running anymore and a lot of muscle soreness is gone too.  I recommend it!

Oh!  I also joined a weight loss challenge!  Check out Run with Jess!  Some are working on losing a “marathon” – 26.2 pounds and others are working on a “half” – 13.1.  Me?  I am working on these pesky 10 pounds that seem to want to be my bestie for life.  It’s been going on for a week and I have managed to shed a pound.

I’m also fascinated with the color aqua.  Obsessed would be a better word!

loving the aqua nails :)  and did you notice the aqua pot in the plant picture?!

So what am I doing about the above listed things that AREN’T going well?

1) refocusing on training and moving/getting settled.  This always helps when my personal life is on the fritz and it allows me to build my confidence after some a wee bit of (possible?!) rejection.  Also, overanalyzing is the pits!

2) I’ve rested up and getting rid of the cold

3) I put my mouth guard back in at night.  Super unattractive but my teeth feel better and I had less of a headache this morning.  Last night I woke up and I was clenching my teeth together so tightly I tasted blood.  The guard went in at this point.  Considering I’ve had a headache almost everyday for the last two weeks, this was an improvement.

4) I’m trying to glue my heart back together – I’m talking in the literal sense here.  I really like this ornament and even though it won’t look perfect I think it adds to the charm and seems to fit me and who I am all the more!

6 thoughts on “i didn’t drop off the face of the planet

  1. Oh girl we are in the same sickness boat!! I have been trying to kick it for a week and am finally getting better!! You’ll get there and forget that it ever happened.

    Ikea is a blast and continued best wishes for the move!! I am sad about your ornament – when ornaments break it hurts my christmas soul lol

  2. no comment on trader joes ;). BUT i was going to suggest cacti for plants! They are so cute, and won’t need much!

  3. I am sorry about your ornament! I have been lucky to not have anything break on my countless moves during college. I love TJs- actually I more than love that store. I am obsessed with it. Spokane just got one a couple of months ago and thankfully it is exactly 1.5 miles from my house (only a runner would know that). :-)

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