back in twilight country

Phew!  It  has been a hectic last few days!  I know it’s the holiday season so “busy” is a natural state for everyone.  For me, I was trying to finish up things at work, pack and fly back to WA!  Wahoo!

edward missed me too
edward missed me too

Yesterday, I spent a total of 6 hours flying.  It’s not as horrible as it sounds.  I wore my compression socks (my feet and ankles swell when flying and these are my FAVORITE!) and because both flights were delayed they let us watch TV on the plane for free.  Hours upon hours of watching HGTV?  Yes please!  People all around me were griping but not to sound super elitist but I was simply happy to be on the plane.  I flew Frontier and “Dale” was my first plane’s name and “Carl” was my second.  There was no point in whining.

"Carl the coyote" was our captain
“Carl the coyote” was our captain

Since both flights were delayed my first flight’s arrival time completely overlapped with my connection departure.  We were waiting to deboard and there was this guy who was also on the same Seattle flight as me.  I knew this because he didn’t stop griping.  Then he was yelling because he wanted to get off the plane.  Classy.  I get off and check the board and he shoves past me (I might be slightly overdramatizing this part – he really just walked past) grumbling and dropping “F” bombs.  I went over to see why and while almost ALL the flights leaving Denver were delayed, ours said “On Time”.  Boo!  I just booked it over there anyway.  Guess what?  They were holding the flight!  Yay!  The dude?  He never showed up.  Karma can be a doozy grumpy man!

Other than that I’ve been rushing around to get ready.  Simon was not pleased about being left and looked forlorn as he sat in my suitcase hoping to stow-away.

mom, please don't leave me!
mom, please don’t leave me!

But when I landed seeing my dad was GREAT!  He has been walking every day and has lost 30-50 lbs.  I am super proud of him!  He doesn’t let anything get in the way of being active and has essentially healed himself of many ailments he had been suffering from prior.  Dad you ROCK!

I talked dad into going to get me coffee.  I told him, "it's liquid gold dad".  he responded, "it's liquid crack"... well, that too!
I talked dad into going to get me coffee. I told him, “it’s liquid gold dad”. he responded, “it’s liquid crack”… well, that too!

Then we stopped at the restaurant my niece works at and met up with my sis, bro-in-law and nephew.  When I walked in my niece came over to me and gave me the biggest hug and said, “Auntie Amy, I have really missed you!”  Yeah, total heart-melting moment.  I adore my niece and nephew.  On Saturday, the three of us are going shopping for my sister and I think it will be a blast.  My nephew asked if it would take a half hour – I told him, “Yes… in ONE store!”  The teenager in him just looked at him but I believe he is secretly looking forward to it!

OH!  Yesterday, before I left for my flight Meagan and I fit in a little over 4 miles at 7 am and then rounded up to 5 with some coffee and a speed walk home.  It was great.  I know I wouldn’t have gotten up early without her so it was a perfect way to start out a day of sitting.  Meagan was a lovely host and even slipped an energy bar and Fiber One chocolate chip cookie in my bag on the sly.  This came in SO HANDY when I didn’t get to eat for about 6 hours!

3 thoughts on “back in twilight country

  1. YAY! Glad you made it! :)

    Miss you already!!!! Hurry back so we can do another run together!!!! And, maybe then just move in so we can run together all the time????

  2. Have fun while you are home!!! We have quite a bit of snow in Spokane so I hope that the roads to OR are good tomorrow so that we can go to my parent’s house tomorrow night.

    PS- Your dad DOES rock!!!! Tell him to keep it up :-)

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