so, did I infact, get my sh@% together?

*Sorry for the delay in posting!  It was written but I used Target as a coping skill after today…

It wasn’t my intention for the whole plan to get my business in order to become a goal list for the month.  Instead it was simply a plan to right some of the wrongs I was living.  However, it was nice to start looking at these AS goals.

For May, I wanted to bring some life back to this blog, get my health under control, revamp my apt and look for the positive in life.  I feel good about the progress I made in all of these areas.  I will continue to have these on my list but some of it is becoming more habitual than it was in the past.  I do love me some progress – YAY!

Now how about some June goals – I’ve thought about these and many are ongoing from the May list (see above).  So here are the newbies:

1.  Less naps!  Whew, this is going to be a tough one since I LOVE to sleep!  But it’s messing with my REM cycles so time to put these to bed (oh, I do love a bad pun!)

possibly cutest gif every?

2.  Wake up and work out in the morning at least twice a week.  I have my eye on the prize for this one.  I am determined but also don’t want to feel like a failure by saying everyday when I don’t think I will be able to do it.  Baby steps.

3.  30 day Shred with Jillian.  Ugh – my body hurts already

4.  Work on my iWill goal for the Under Armour what is beautiful campaign.  As I mentioned the other day, my goal is to cut two mins off of my average pace for 4 miles.

5.  DOPEY CHALLENGE training starts MONDAY, June 9th.  If you haven’t looked at a calendar lately, this is next week!  I am excited, nervous and all-around looking forward to it.  My training plan still needs some tweaking but I will work on it this week.  When I get a better handle on it, I will put it up here on the blog.  I spent hours looking for one Saturday night and I didn’t find much.  Maybe it’s too soon?  Wait, am I AHEAD of the game?!  I think we should have a moment of silence for this good business!

dopey-challenge-530x530June is going to be a plain nutty month for me.  Work is going to be bat sh*% crazy and it will be my busiest month.  This week alone, I have three presentations, two doctor appointments, three work related socials and other meetings.  I like not feeling overloaded with tons of goals so here they

2 thoughts on “so, did I infact, get my sh@% together?

  1. You can do this :) I have lofty goals for June, and while I’m nervous as heck to admitting failure, I’ve decided life happens, so if I fall, getting back up and at it is what counts. Putting it out there and being accountable keeps that going for me. I’ll be checking back ;)

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