double work out day? yes, I did!

Let me shout the following from the roof tops!

A)  I got up early and ran this morning!  Wahoo!  I ran two miles and walked one.  The last one?  Well, I kind of forgot it was warm outside and I wore two shirts – one long sleeve.  Then I didn’t bring any water with me.  And finally, I wanted to vomit.  So you know, I walked!

B)  Then tonight I just got back from swimming!  Yay!  30 minutes were on my training plan.  Let me just say, moving my arms is going to be a problem tomorrow.  It has been about a year since I have been in the pool and it was TOUGH!  Trex probably wasn’t meant to be a swimmer but I made do.

Of course the reason I had a double work out day was because I missed a work out earlier in the week.  The same thing will happen tomorrow (fingers crossed).  My goal at this point is to hit all of the work outs on the training plan even if I have to rearrange a bit to accommodate for work or life.

you know, kinda like this

I am very proud of myself!  Hence the shouting from the roof tops!

This leads me to this next piece… A co-worker/friend always knows the best music or videos on youtube.  You know these kinds of folks?  I always wonder, “where the heck does he get this stuff”??  In addition to finding this great business, he also is so stinkin’ funny that I literally almost crumple to the ground because I am laughing so hard.  Seriously, my bones just seem to melt.

The other day we were talking before giving a presentation and he asked me if I had ever seen the following youtube video

If you are inclined to skip this, DON’T I promise you won’t be disappointed!  I absolutely adore little Jessica’s enthusiasm – for life, her family and most of all herself!  I love the confidence that is simply spilling out of her and emphatic moves make it all the more enjoyable!

I know Stewart Smiley used to be one of the biggest/best skits on Saturday Night Live – mostly because of the irony involved.

BUT I think it would be great if we all started our mornings with a similar amount of enthusiasm for our lives and ourselves, like Jessica!  And it’s important to say it out loud!  I know, I can feel myself cringing a bit at the thought but it seems more powerful this way!

Tonight I will be doing exactly this!  Enjoy your evening!

4 thoughts on “double work out day? yes, I did!

  1. Good job!!! I’m sure you’ll be able to do it tomorrow!! And maybe next week you won’t have to double up! :) I’m so glad you are sticking to your plan!!!! Yay! Go Amy!!

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