a tale of two long runs

Considering I ripped off songs for my titles, I figured classic novels shouldn’t be exempt.  I will say, I hated this book.  Madame DeFarge irked me on so many levels.

I planned to do a long run on both Saturday and Sunday back on Monday (when it wasn’t even close – it sounded like such a great!).  But I knew I wanted to run on tired legs.  After the 1/2 last weekend, I took Monday off and ran on Tuesday.  I hit four miles and my legs were exhausted.  It worried me considering my legs are going to be spent by the time I have to run 26.2.  This is a sobering thought.

Just so you know – this didn’t happen.  I don’t want to hold you in suspense.  I overestimated my own abilities and motivation.

This illustrates it well.

Nevertheless, here is the tale:  I procrastinated getting started on Saturday.  I didn’t feel good all day and the good ol’ Saturday lethargy was in full swing.  I finally left at 5:15 pm and told myself I would run as long as my stomach would let me.  Thankfully, I ended up being able to hit all 10 miles I had planned on last Monday.

The run went pretty well.  I felt strong while running and didn’t even realize it until it was over that I never felt the need for a walk break.  The route I choose was ridiculously hilly, too.  I ran this route 4 or 5 years ago and while I remembered it was tough, I didn’t remember HOW tough.  Also, the sidewalk was really uneven and this didn’t do my bum ankle and arch on my right foot any favors.  I could tell I was compensating (my left knee was getting crabby) and I tried hard to hit the pavement as evenly as I could.

I didn’t bring water – bad idea.  I won’t make this mistake again.  A bug flew in my ear and stayed there for about 5 mins.  It was a perfect fall day and the 30% chance of rain never manifested itself.  I would say this counted as a dumb thing, a weird thing and a good thing.  It worked out.

I woke up fairly sore on Sunday.  While I had put on my compression socks the night before and (sort of) iced, I didn’t take an ice bath and considering the route, I should have.  My ankle/arch were really bothering me and I was concerned about running on it for 19 miles.  I finally talked myself into getting ready and was out the door at 4:15 pm.

I ran 00:08.  Then I said, “nope, this isn’t going to happen”.

I used Rocktape to tape my foot/ankle but as soon as I started running my whole body started to riot.  Wasn’t it nice of my garmin to track my failure?!  My stomach was still disagreeing with me and I could tell with the first few strides everything was off.  I decided not to push it.  Maybe this was a missed opportunity, maybe I would have hit all 19 miles with only a sucky first few… maybe.  Or maybe choosing caution was the right decision.  Who knows.

As I am planning out this week’s run schedule, I am going to be a bit more realistic.  See, I thought if I did the 10 miler first then I would HAVE to do the 19 miler since this was on my plan.  Clearly, I found an alternate path.  I am also not in peak training considering the race is still two months away and building up to these long back to backs is a much better plan!  Or am I just making myself feel better?

8 thoughts on “a tale of two long runs

  1. a bug in your ear for 5 min- i would have gone crazy. for me when i’ve done two long runs back to back, it helps me (and my personality) to do the longest run first so that way the 2nd day it doesn’t seem so bad doing the shorter distance– mind trickery :)

  2. I don’t know if I could EVER do two long runs in a row, so I give you MAD MAD props for even trying! Lisa’s suggestion seems like an awesome one though!

  3. The most useful thing I did – and I know it was only for a half – was to print off a training plan and then stick to it. If I had left it up to me to decide what I needed to do I would have done it totally differently and I think the plan (being designed by experts!) was what meant I managed to do it in a decent time and without injury. I found a 12 week plan and worked it backwards from the race date, then I put each run in my calendar. I sometimes had to shift the days around but essentially I did exactly what I had to – I know there is no other way that would have happened. Good luck with your training!

  4. I’ve run into that sense of failure too… And I was tempted to beat myself up over it or change the plans up. However each time I rebounded and felt even better after accomplishing the ‘impossible’ the following week. Everyone is different. But erring on the side of caution is never a bad idea.

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