mind games

I completely enjoyed my day off today.  I slept in a bit – I swear 9:15 am is the PERFECT time for me to wake up, watched a bit of tv, did some apt chores and then decided today was THE day for my long run.  I had 8 miles to tackle but I was feeling especially nervous about them.  I mean, 8 miles is a long way, what made me think I could actually run 8 miles?  This crisis of confidence stayed with me as I put my tempos on and readied myself for some time spent in my Asics.  First step – a runner’s bestie

thank goodness for this lovely business

Why yes, my legs ARE this white.  I am from the Pacific Northwest you know.

oopsie - old pic... the snow is DEFINITELY gone!

Because I am incredibly smart and forward thinking, I got to the trail at about 3 pm.  Umm… it has been warm here in MI and today was no different.  I really didn’t realize how WARM it actually was – as in around 80.  I did bring my Nathan handheld with some watered down sporty drink but my body has not acclimated to the warmer weather.  At all.  So, add this to my confidence conundrum and 2 miles in I was wishing I had decided only to do a 4 miler.  But I forged ahead and did have to run/walk parts of this run.  I was very disappointed in myself.  I mean, it’s one thing for guys to play mind games with me but running too?

I was exceptionally sweaty

I decided I needed to make running my bitch.  I’m tired of just wanting to go long and fast – I want to actually DO it!  There were times today when I knew I could be running but my head kept getting in the way.  I should stop questioning my capabilities and just do it.  I’m not trying to get all Nike on y’all but it’s totally true.  My inner monologue starts telling me 8 miles is REALLY far and only endurance athletes can do this, which clearly I am not.  While I have been working on my negative talk, I didn’t do a good enough job today!  I’m done with this.  Even if I have to start doing 2 a day work outs or run/walk on days when things are going less than stellar, I am going to get it done.  I need to stop thinking this athletic thing is easy and enjoy the journey.  Even if it’s painful or hard or tiring or whatever!

You know what made my night all the better?

my dear friend, Danielle!

Danielle and I used to work together and then she had to up and move south – boo!  We still keep in touch and I just love her to death!  Danielle has a way of totally cracking me up and making me feel good about myself all at the same time.  She is very supportive, honest and genuine.  I have really missed her in the last year and half!  She is the one who is going to tackle this beast with me if we can get in

we have a plan for this sucker... it includes taking chocolates and jewelry from hot strangers!

Seeing her tonight was a complete surprise!  I feel so lucky that we could catch up in person, lament about running and laugh our way through dinner and a drink.  It helped me forget that my left butt cheek was killing me! :)

And tomorrow is St. Patrick’s day!  Typically, I don’t go all out for the festivities but this year, I am going to embrace them a bit.  We are starting off with breakfast at 10 am for what had better be some tasty breaky (don’t worry, I’ll take pictures!).  From there, well, I’m not really sure but I am determined to drink a green beer and perhaps a few other libations to celebrate my Irish-ness.  You know how else I am going to celebrate?  With these!


Can’t wait to break out these bad boys tomorrow!  I definitely think they will be the frosting on my outfit!

Okay, time to foam roll – I’m hurtin’ a bit!

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