yummy confetti and some race business

Today I totally caved… as in completely

oh yeah, that’s the yummy confetti blizzard… I tried to resist!

Yep, this was pretty good!

On Sunday was the Kalamazoo Marathon and Borgess 1/2.  One thing I realized very quickly, I essentially only know one way to get everywhere here in Kzoo and all of these routes were blocked for runners!  Not to mention, I was also on the hunt for some coffee and right as I would get a place in sight, I would find it blocked off… So, not only was I driving all over but I wasn’t even caffeinated enough to problem solve.  SUCH a tough life I lead

I pretty much sucked up all the race enthusiasm from runners and supporters – it was fantastic!

Thankfully, I figured things out and made it just in time to see Emily pass the 1/2 way point of the 1/2.  She looked great!  Yeah, doesn’t it kind of want to make you punch her in the face here?  I mean, seriously, I NEVER look this happy when running 13.1 miles!

Emily and Daryl at the race! Emily is running to a PR! Wahoo!

Special thanks to Amber Hutson for the above photo and the following one.  My camera battery went dead – boo.  Thankfully Amber got some amazing shots!

here is Brian (in the red) finishing his first FULL! Wahoo! Congrats! Mike is just ahead of him and they were both VERY happy to cross that finish line!

I also got to see my former running partner finish – Rob!  You did FABULOUS!  I thought I would be super jealous watching everyone else race and part of me was.  But the other part just LOVED being there for my friends’ races.  I was so proud of them and so happy for their accomplishments.  I know how hard it is to train for weeks and weeks for one day.  Emily hit a PR and Brian got his full marathon.  While we were getting ready to cheer Brian in, both Emily and our other friend Nate were talking about just how painful 26.2 miles really are.  All I could think of was, “great scott, I just paid for a full!”  But it was still so much fun to be there and sharing in all of the running high-ness (gotta be a phrase, right?!)  Heck – I was even pretty happy to crawl out of bed at 7:45 am (even though I went to bed at 3 am) just so I could spectate!

Now, I will say spectating is HARD WORK! Even Simon thought so ;)

we were both pretty beat!

I guess that’s all I have for today.  Check out Get Fit Naturally for a CLICK espresso protein drink give-away (I know, those are some of my favorite words all in one product!)

10 thoughts on “yummy confetti and some race business

  1. Everyone I know keeps posting on their blog or FB about this awesome funfetti blizzard from DQ. I want one so freaking bad. Sunday AND today I drove by a DQ and almost stopped, but then didn’t. Next time I WILL stop. I MUST try this!!! :-)

  2. I’ve never seen those blizzards (must be an American specific snack?) but if you were going to have a treat, it looks like a good one to have!

  3. I am a grump grumps when I don’t have caffeine within an hour of being awake. Great job supporting your friends – I am sure they appreciated it :)

  4. Thanks for all the support and shout outs Amy! Just FYI this super happy picture was at mile 2 OF 13, so I still had some steam in me! All that pain talk about running a full just makes it seem that much more awesome when you finish! You will have all the wonderful war stories too, because you’re going to kill it! Ok, I am kinda mad you went and got a blizzard without me though…. ;)

  5. I really really wish I had a DQ near me!! That looks so good.

    Its a weird feeling cheering on other runners. Part of me always wants to be running too and the other wants my friends to do well! Its fun to be the cheerleader sometimes though!

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