kind of a lazy post…

I was looking through my pinterest boards (finally got my password reset!) trying to find a coffee meme that I just KNEW I had somewhere.  Whenever I start going through my boards, I always find sayings, recipes or crafty projects that I definitely want to put into practice or attack with my fork or hands!

I decided to dedicate this post to some of the really incredible quotes I have found over the year that I’ve drawn strength or humor from (which, let’s face it – strength and humor are interchangeable).  I tried to organize them…

The Life stuff:


The Funny stuff:

f878a0dff00300205141ed3a8930b42b2f7d5c51837b2bad5fc073b88bc3212d03055f61d9c7645b2ce7cffd7442811610885078912721d84762a85a67f79c85The Lights My Fire stuff:


The Irish one in honor of my roots!


So there you have it… I find inspiration in all of these.  A few weeks back, I declared I had some big ideas pending.  Truth is, while I felt this, I couldn’t quite say how those changes and/or ideas would manifest themselves.  While I was in Vegas, I made some progress and all of the above seem to help fill in the cracks of my personal foundation to get there.

One avenue I am exploring is going back to school.  Now, I say this hesitantly!  I was always a good student in that I excelled in class and with the work.  Buuuut I struggled with actually attending class!  So, I am still trying to work out the details.  It’s a Holistic Health certificate and it’s pretty much right up my alley.  I looked through all of the classes and I want to take all of them, haha.  If you read through these memes again, it all points to it and if pinterest is telling me to explore it, I really believe I should listen!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!

One thought on “kind of a lazy post…

  1. I don’t know anything about that certificate – but actually know someone who has one! It sounds interesting – I’d love to hear more about it!!! :)

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