all pain, no glory

This morning was the University’s annual Turkey Trot.  Office mate & I decided to run it.  Actually he was on the fence at first, so I decided to be all impressive & sign up.  He did the same & I was looking forward to it.

That is until this week happened.  Oh & the freezing ice-rain that was falling that legit made this a dangerous course.  I’m not kidding, I walked out to the car & almost fell twice.  My car isn’t even THAT far from the lot either.  I cannot afford to hurt my other hand!  Had my hand physical therapy session this week, more in the near future.

We were there really early & I was chatting it up with one of the race directors.  She was contemplating canceling the race & I was secretly sending her ESP to do just that. I guess our connection wasn’t all that great because we started at 8:30 sharp.

a stupid gif for a stupid idea!

Like the last 5k it starts up a beastly hill-I will forever hate this hill.  Long after I’m gone I will loathe this hill.  Runners completely underestimate it too but determination got me through.  We all kept trudging along & I certainly was placing my steps carefully.  But I was huffing & puffing like an out of shape gazelle trying to escape a cheetah so I was sure I was putting down a decent pace.

Then my stomach started to riot.  This past week my stomach & I have been on the outs.  It’s been bad.  But I ran on the treadmill on Thursday, it wasn’t so terrible so I figured the race would be the same.  Nope.  Nope.  Nope.   I may have hit a mile & half when the stomach rumbles/nausea/cramping started.  I kept telling myself, “fight any and all stomach mishaps!”  A little after 2 miles I was wondering if I could finish-where the damn water stop?!  I finally paused a moment when I was certain vomit was in my near future.

Thankfully, my will of steel(??) kept me running & the water stop was right around the corner.  I’ve done this course before so suddenly I knew I was almost done.  And the sooner I finished the sooner I could be back on my couch nursing the bloat/cramping/nausea.  I hit a good stride & was doing well.  I turned the corner-finish line – SO close!

Karma intervened (naturally): “Amy – I scoff at your pain!  I made sure to change the course right at then end!  You still have a little less than a kilometer to go”.  Well played karma.  I lost my mojo & wanted to quit.  I almost started walking. Thankfully, there was this woman in front of me that we had leap-frogged the entire race.  I just followed her – she doesn’t know it but she was my saving grace.

My time wasn’t pretty.  I was disappointed.  But it was icy & I was afraid of falling.  I slid a few times but stayed upright. I’ve been sick I’ll all week long.  Actually, I’ve been sick (for what seems like) forever & running has been on the back burner.  Several hours later I was impressed I even finished.

a nicholas cage gif?! how have I never used one?!

After the race I ate a banana as I only had a small breakfast cookie two hours earlier.  Let’s just say the banana made my already bloated tummy start to grow even more.  Why?!  I wasn’t even sure I could make it home – I was ready to be embarrassed with puking my guts out… When I got back home I did child pose & another yoga pose; it helped a bit.  Hot lemon water, a shower & a nap helped a little more & I was finally was able eat around 2ish.  Food is currently my enemy.

There is it.  Another 5k in the books.  It is also the last 5k of this year unless something magical happens with my tummy.  Treading on the ‘mill isn’t as bad as I can stop as needed so this will be my running routine.  And maybe even  some yoga as Dr. Ascot prescribed.  Look at me being a good patient!

2 thoughts on “all pain, no glory

  1. Sorry your race was rough! I have never run in icy conditions, that sounds like an accident waiting to happen! Isn’t bloating the worst?! I swear there are mornings I wake up normal but by lunch I look like I am having twins!

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